Armor of God

Finally my brethren, be strong in the Lord.
Stand in His power, His strength will uphold.
Put on the trustworthy armor of God.
Suppressing the wiles of Satan, be bold.


For we wrestle not 'gainst flesh or blood,
But rulers of darkness and spiritual power
Consist of the dangers we face every day.
Wearing protection we've no need to cower.


So take unto you the armor of God
That you may withstand in darkest of days.
Though sin will be tempting and burden your soul,
The Lord will direct you and lead through the haze.


A girdle of truth will cover your loins,
And breastplates of righteousness seal the heart
From arrows of evil that aim to mar
And tear the Christian's soul apart.


Your feet must tread with the Gospel of peace,
Protecting from stumbles along life's path.
Forget not the shield of faith to cease
The firey darts of the wicked's wrath.


Salvation's helmet guards your head
From Hell's worst fury e'er forth poured.
The weapon to bear in battlefront
Is the Word of God, the Spirit's sword.


Therefore may we use these well.
Pray that all who battle sin
Guard their souls with armor strong.
God will help the saints to win.

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