My Mistake, Silly Me
A faux pas for the world to see
Thought for a moment I was a hero
What was I thinking
What was I thinking?

And I’ll try to feed
A life to you
But it seems to me
You’ve had your fill
No longer hungry
An empty stomach fills with hate
The demons leave me in this state
So through the lips and past the gums
Look out fuckers here I come

I’ll light em up
Oh I’ll light em up
Like the fourth of July
And you’ll be shocked and awed
Like "oo's" and "ahh's"
So happy you’ll forget to cry
You’ll forget you ever cried!

But anger leads me no where
But lonliness
So here I am
Left alone to think
My head to drop my heart to sink
My stomach turns inside of me
A faux pas for the world to see
Silly Me
Silly Me

And I’m no hero
I’ll never be.

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