A Rose

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If a Rose were to die alone

Would no one cry?

The tears I’ve shed

Are merely an alibi

Find it hard to care

When I see the light

People ask me where

My secret locked up tight

She lay there alone

A Rose among the trees

Beyond the great unknown

The place the Thorn knows but never sees

For the Thorn relies on faith

And the Thorn is on his knees

Someone cares the Rose is dead

They care that she was born

Could it be the man who said

That every Rose has it’s Thorn

Good for him

Good for her

Good for all

Beyond the wall

There’s peace for some

But not for the Rose

She’s on her own

Death she has, she’s died alone

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heatherburns35's picture

lovely poem...nicely written.

ApandaRae's picture

Omg this poem is absolutely beautiful. I love it.