Another Mile

Walking down the sidewalk of a road that never ends
Remember strolling down this street with a bunch of my old friends
But now I walk alone, and there’s nothing I can see
I’m wondring what the end of the road has got in store for me
Looking back at these eighteen years and thinking of the past
That I shared with so many friends that I held dear
I knew it would never last
Been walking down this god damn street
And I cannot look behind
I’ll keep on walking till I reach the end
And find my peace of mind

I’ve reached a fork in the middle of the road
It feels more like a knife
I'm walking down the sidewalk of a road that I call life
I need my path to change cuz I can’t stand the same old shit
I need to get off this freeway but I can’t find my exit
So if I keep on walking, I might as well walk with style
And since I cannot turn around I’ll walk another mile.

Running up the sidewalk and I just want to be done
Time is moving fast for me but I seem to be the only one
Trying to make it to the top of a hill  too steep to climb
And now I think, I might be in too deep and I’m running out of time
Before I know it I’ll be walking down into the city called real life
Then the road will change, I’ll be looking for a job
And start settling down with a wife
I’m not ready for that
I want to go back to the time of no concern
But every single god damn sign on this road says no u-turn

It’s getting to the point of no return
The end is no where to be found
It seems to me that my life is passing by at the speed of sound
Next thing I know I’m sitting in a car
My life starts flying by
I'm cruising down life’s freeway until the day I die

Though the road’s a bitch to walk I know that its worthwhile.
And since I cannot turn around I’ll walk another mile.

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