Love Estrange

A distance so close, yet feeling estranged,

Her scent I indulge, though her heart is not mine to embrace,

Her skin, as soft as the gentle sway of a summer's breeze, but her cheek I cannot caress,

Eyes of hazel stare through mine, yet she fails to see my embodiment of passion,

Words I dream she'll whisper become an echo I'll never hear,

Though not in love, love is born,

A fondness that grows like garden ivy;

But of heartfelt desires, she is not fond

(thus, the little I have is not wished to become the little I've lost),

An attempt to atone for unweilding passion, for a tone such as love lies beyond the mode of her love's senses,

Together we've grown apart, though apart we grow together.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I haven't written anything in a LONG time...let me know what ya think:)

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Jere''s picture

The paradoxes of love that you state so intensely, in this poem, are common experiences; yet you raise them, with your verbal skill, into the level of Art. You have spoken for many who cannot express what is in their hearts at this level; and you have spoken for them with great dignity and beauty.

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Hi, Adam :) Stick with your music and writing and leave girls and love to fate. :) Longing and love are felt here in your poem.