Waiting for Happiness

Another morning dawns
I step outside to drown my dull thoughts
I ache from sensations of yesterday's melancholy
I walk away from it all
I scale my local heights until I find a somewhere
I lean against a a segregated tree on the peek of a hill
I can see the hills roll beyond my eyes
From the top I watch clouds pass
The endless sky loops behind
The blue back drop sets me adrift
The sunset comes like the will to sleep
I see my world turn
I see soft skies
I see a profound truth, a meaning, a beauty to the emptiness and natural simplicity
I let my thoughts run
Keeping to myself
A million words pass through my mind
My monologue is without voice
The subtle truths to the pages of my manuscript
The light edges on the figure of my silhouette
I wrote this for you to know
Because you made my day

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