Have You Ever?

Have you ever layed down near a shore meeting distant lights during a fireworks show under a quiet moon?
Have you ever ridden a highway at night and enjoyed never stopping and feeling warm every time you passed an orange streetlight?
Have you ever seen a loading dock's river lead to the horizon's sudden darkness where the stars were the brightest?
Have you ever looked up during the twilight hours and wondered why the world couldnt cool down with the cool wind and the clouds?
Have you ever felt your nostalgia hit you with your memories so hard that your eyes started to water?
If only you could see what I see
If we could spend time capturing these moments
And stop wasting our time
All of the most beautiful moments of my life have passed and I have had no one to share them with
And I am so tired of seeing everything alone
Out of everyone, I suffer because I'm just a division of anything that matters
And you, you matter

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm not a painter or photographer and even if I was I could never convey my feelings onto a single image.

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This is so true, thank you

This is so true, thank you for a very good read......

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Thanks, it seems the more later I get onto life, the more love seems to matter to me. These are all places I would love to be with someone you know. It's like how long can a romance survive under such encouraging conditions? Where people can see what you see.