Which Cide

I'm still inside
Where my stay is never brief
I'm writing in here
Because here, is my grief
How I hate my days here
Im so depressed
I can't even resist my own smiles arrest
Everything's already decided
And my job,
My job is to hide it
Outside I smile and I joke
But inside in crying
What's the difference between my life
... And dying

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hate getting nothing done.

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mth610's picture

I love this one too, you can

I love this one too, you can really feel the emotion. I do the same thing when im depressed so i can relate to this poem! Keep writing!

abg123's picture


I'll make sure to reply to your poems soon!

chasemcgill's picture

I can feel the emotion.

I can feel the emotion. Enjoyed the read! Keep writing!


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Thanks for reading it!