More Than Just A Girl

There is such a grace when I see her smile
Such a beauty when she talks
I can imagine being able to touch her hand...
Hold it and show her I can take off the mask
One day I will tell her how I feel
But maybe she'll tell me how she feels
Or maybe one day we will be caught alone...
Watching the stars over a lake at night...
Witnessing the sunset atop of a hill...
Feeling a cold wind on a warm evening in a large grass plain under a blue sky...
In a snowy night under an incandescent street lamp...
I would clear my throat and look at her eyes...
Maybe, if I'm lucky, I won't need words...
Maybe we'll just meet in the middle...
She always seems to condensate my thoughts so they can come together
In her soul capturing eyes I just appear selfish
I always keep my feelings to myself
But why would she ever want to see my feelings?
Yet I don't want her to accept me for lying to her
I want her to accept me for me
It seems that guys are always stealing love
I despise the men who talk to women like devils with angel's eyes
Real men have nothing to hide
Maybe one day I'll be a man
Maybe one day this poem will end up in the hands of someone I have been infatuated with
But I can't do that by turning love into words
I wish I could,
That only works on girls,
And she-
She's more than just a girl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is no girl...

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This poem is very sweet

This poem is very sweet, and I wish most guys thought like you. There is someone out there for everyone, and i hope you find your one.

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Thanks for your comment. (:

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This poem is beautifull and

This poem is beautifull and really sad. One day you will find that girl, and one day, you'll telll her how you feel. Dont forget what you said, about how you "despise men who talk to women like devils with angel eyes.", it will help you alot. Dont change, you a good guy, and you'll find that love, that your loooking for. I know you will. :)Your a good guy, and a true man *Best of luck and keep writing, your really good.


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Thank you

Thanks for your comment. :D