Leave Me Alone

Shane Diamond

Why is it at 30 everyone is still trying to run my life.
Things aren't what they use to be 50 years ago.
Jobs aren't the easiest thing to find, you can't have one loose one and get another one within a week.
Yea I know it's a job I'm looking for but it's not her bullshit job that I seek.
I'm not taking the job because you claim it's best for me.
It's another tool for you to use to bitch at me about.

So would you please LEAVE ME ALONE.
You keep telling me whats best for me.
But that's what you think, you don't see the failure and added stress.
Your just looking for your own way to make yourself feel better and make me look pathetic.
So you can claim you helped me.

You don't help me, never have..
You always hurt me in one way or another.
Telling me what's best for me but not looking into things.
You think its an offering so I should take it.

Feel like I'm stuck in a fuckin disney flick.
I'm not a female nor snow white, but you want me to eat the red apple.
Next you'll be wanting me to lick the brown asshole.
As you'll claim that you tried for me and failed.
You went to bat and I struck out.
I'm the one predicting the games end.
Your the one failing to see the start.
The line of bullshit she used when she called, stinks worse than one of my farts.

Shane Diamond

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