Into Space

Jessica Diamond

Staring off at the wall
Feeling like I'm about to fall
Free as a bird without a care
Feeling the wind blow through my hair

Into space I travel again
Floating free, holding only a pen
On the walls I begin to write
Hoping my mind will soon take flight

These wonderful walls of white
In my mind I've reached a new height
Floating free into space
Coming down, the clouds I'll chase

Returning home to find you here
Sit and wait and have a beer
Fluffy feet go running past
Guess it's not 'home at last'

Still off in space with such a buzz
Everything around me has some fuzz
Which way is up and which is down
Reality returns, and I'm left with a frown.

~ Jessica

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just board and very tired...In some way trying to imagine what it would be like to be high I job has that effect on me at times.

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