The Untitled Poem

Jessica Diamond

Wanting something I can never have
Wishing I were the Queen to some elaborate hive.
Feeling things I haven't fell in a very long time
Seems for me, life will forever stop on a dime.

Nothing ever pans out
Sitting around with a pout
Why not me ? Why not this once ? I ask
Wishing right now I had a flask

Life sucks, always has, always will
This void in my life, never to fill
Days turn to weeks, then a month, next a year
Everything surrounds me in fear.

I want to make a change but I don't know where to start
Seeing as how I'm not "school smart"
A life of fast food seem to be all I'll get
A life full of stress and regret

Wanting something to call my own
Not always living in the in-laws home.
Seeing others with what I want makes me sad.
But then I look at you and only feel glad.
Because you're my rock, my all.
And without you, I would surly fall.

Jessica Diamond

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