Still Bored

Jessica Diamond

Slow day today, nothing to do
Stare at the ceiling thinking of you
Watch and wait for time to pass
Almost like fishing for bass

Sit and wait, wait and sit
So bored you think you're going to have a fit
But then it all pays off and the day is done
Then it's time to go have fun

Home from work to be with my man
This place I work I wish I could ban
Hate my life, hate my job
To the world I'm nothing but a slob

No friends, no fun
Seems I'm always on the run
From myself, not the cops
I guess for that I should get props

Dishes can wait, I just want to write
Though I know on this, the manager would fight
What do I care, been here all bloody day
5 minutes of peace, let me have my say

Still bored out of my mind
A new job I really have to find
Forever lost in space
Aching for my special place... My bed.

~ Jessica

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