It Pains Me

Shane Diamond

It pains me having to tell you to eat without me.
Having to sit in pain while you eat food that smells so good.
It pains me having to sit and watch.
While we watch TV no food goes in my mouth.
As I sit holding myself in pain.
The only one who cares is you.
You have done so much for me.
I still sit in pain around you.

It pains me having to do it.
I know you don't like seeing me like it.
I wish the pain would go away.

I feel as if the pain wont stop till I'm dead.
while I feel pain I lay in bed.
Wishing that my heart would stop.
Even though I know your tears would drop.
I never like seeing you cry.
Although I know that you already have them in your eyes.

It pains me going through all this.
The thought of things getting better is only a wish.
I don't see anything like that happening.

So I guess it's the pain that I'm continued to be forced to live with.

- Shane Diamond -

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