To Jessica...

Shane Diamond

We've been together for what is going on 6 years.
I still don't know how you manage to be so amazing.
It seems that everything I want you try to supply me with.
Including accepting my hand in wedded bliss.
The money is always a tight thing for us.
I know we have our good days, our bad seems to be filled with cuss.
How we don't think things are gonna get any better.
I still remember you in bed with your broken leg.
Anythin you wanted, u knew I'd get you.. u didn't need to beg.
I would have gone to the ends of the earth.
To see that anything u wanted, u got first.
Our lives seem to be filled with more downs than ups.
As we sit here continue to gain weight, feelin like we need to do sit ups.

Baby I'm still surprised you stuck with me over the years.
Now your trying to help our dreams take off.
Wouldn't it be a dream if 4E became our lives.
Be able to earn the pay.
No more shitty job will make u stay.
Write bout the problems that you got.

The day things seem grim.
I was worried that shit was going to take a step back.
You tried your best for us to keep shit up to date.
But it seems like just like our lives, our site is becoming second rate.
I have the feeling that this is going to be a fight.
Hopefully in the end we'll feel what we done was right.

Money is always the issue.
It seems as if it always brings us to tissues
I wish for once something would work out for us.
But I feel as if we have issues with trust.
As we do it with the wrong people.
Which gets our emotions high as a steeple.
Then we crash, and burn.
You figure we would have to learn.
But we haven't...

I'll always love you.
Even though you have spots of black and blue.
My clumsy little girl.

- Shane Diamond -

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