Jessica Diamond

Have you ever felt so torn apart
Where your mind says one thing, but it's not in your heart ?
Where you feel any decision is wrong ?
Feeling like a window shattered by a horrible song.
Welcome to my life.
So sad that somedays I just want to pick up a knife.

Torn between what I want and what I feel
Always wanting to know which emotions are real
What does he want, what about her ?
I feel like I'm out in the cold shivering....burr.
No decision I make is right.
Always my mind and my heart fight.

Torn between whom to please.
Feeling like that never to come sneeze
You feel the tickle, but never release
Why can't I just be deceased ?
Thoughts race through my mind
Catching those thoughts, my heart will never find.

All I want is to know what to do.
Sitting, waiting, wondering if it's "you"
Momma wants ya, Daddy doesn't know,
And me, I just want to go with the flow
A decision I don't know if I'll ever make.
But atleast the decision is mine to take.

Jessica Diamond

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Jessica doesn't write much, I've been trying to encourage her to write more this year... This is the first thing she wrote in 2011... You have read my poem called "No Children" this is her thought's in regards to the subject of us having children....

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