Shane Diamond

Oh dreamweaver why do you have to be so expensive.
$500 from my pocket is too much to give.
So that I can't see you live.
I can't let you take my stuff to new heights.
I would no longer suffer the long waits.
I can't afford the price you rate.

Oh dreamweaver, why can't you sell for cheaper.
I feel as if your my grim reaper.
To my death and I shall not see you.
The program that I long for.
In hopes of making things better.

I would like to take the next step.
But the price tag tells me no no.
My pockets scream "NO NO"

Oh dreamweaver please come down in price.
To allow the poorer human to afford you, would be nice.

Shane Diamond

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yea OK I get it, I'm pathetic... I'm writing poetry about a bit of software I want to buy that I can't afford...

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