No Children

Shane Diamond

The day that you question bout having grand kids.
Is the day you start wanting to inject your ideas to our eye lids.
So we'll see things how you see things.
But when we tell you we're not having kids you get bent out of shape.
Tears roll down your face, and anger builds you up like an ape.
Suddenly you don't think I'm good enough for your daughter.
Feeling that it's me that don't want kids.
Maybe you should see shit through my eye lids.

It's ultimately our choice.
Besides your not well off, you ain't cruising in a rolls royce.
You've complained that your name needs to live on.
Then adopt, give the kid your last name and let it move on.
Once the ring is on her finger.
Your last name becomes a bitter struggle between the two of you.
That last name will die with the survivor.

She always has said that if she happened to be her sister who passed away.
Life would be perfect, a treasure, a gift, but that's the way the pendulum did sway.
I never did see things, until the whole baby ordeal got brought up.

I guess that's another factor in life that we both "failed" at since we decided against what everyone else wants.

Shane Diamond

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This kinda got tossed together as the last few days the subject of my fiance and I having a baby got brought up in an email between my fiance and her Mom... Her Mom doesn't seem to like the fact that we've chosen not to have one.

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