Empty Bottles

Shane Diamond

Just can't stand my life.
Someone just came in the door, its my wife.
She cracks open a 1L cooler bottle.
My half is gone before long.
She tells me there's a small bottle in the fridge.
It's practically gone by the time she's done her half of the 1L.
All I want to do is drink to drown out my life.
Hopefully I can erase it from my memory.
By the time my bottle is empty I want more.
I'm told we're out.

The bottle lays beside me on the floor.
She calls me an alcoholic.
I call it a memory eraser.
She starts feeling depressed.
She wants more to drink.
I want more to drink.

We're forced to continue to remember of all the bad shit
That's happened in our lives.

Tonight is another night.
Wine is the drink.
Will it be the problem solver.
Or will solving the problem not be a problem to be solved.

- Shane Diamond -

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