Black Tooth


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Black Tooth

Last night I noticed I had a black line on my tooth.

With my luck the black line went right down to the root.
Causing it to be very painful when I ate.

So now when I get offered food, I simply tell them I can't.

The pain that it causes me makes me turn down my favorites.

No matter how good it smells, I sit with frustrations.

I can't stand passing the food up, but I refuse to be in pain.
Jessica is concerned about me and the way I go about these thangs.


The black tooth hurts when almost anything touches it.
Today I'm stuck to eatting yogurt which I'm now out of.
The drink of choice is pop.

I know the drink won't do it any good.
But half the time I feel as if my mouth is filled up with blood.
I know I brought this on myself cause I never did take care of'em.

I can't afford to get this shit fixed because I don't have a job.
Jessica is working a shitty job and making little to no money.

She's worried that her job may not last long.
Since during this recession nothing is safe.


I now sit here typing this with my stomach constantly growling.

A bite of anything will make me start howling.
As hungry as I am I don't want to eat.
I sit here in front of the computer and watch tears roll down my face and drip down to my feet.


So I decided to turn this into a poem

It may rhyme in some spots and not in others.

But it don't matter it's all about letting the world know what I'm going through.

Sad, Depressed, Mad or in Pain too.


- Shane Diamond -

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