Outside Of Subway


Outside Of Subway


So one night Jessica and I got really really fucking bored, we actually decided to hit up a local town to perhaps rent a movie since my mom and brother were going to be gone for the weekend and we didn't really want to do anything aside from well lets face it plop our fat asses infront of the tube and watch something to hopefully give us a laugh...

So when we hit up this local town we decided to go to lackluster (aka Blockbuster) although you would swear that the first name was right because anything we looked for they lacked in, but anyways we didn't find shit so on the way out of lackluster we seen a Subway and since neither one of us really had any food in our fat guts we thought we'd pop in there... yes we know fat people in subway, not usually but we're trying to eat a lil healthier as of late but anyways so we walked in we couldn't make up our minds since what sounded good they said that they were actually out of some of the shit they needed to make it.. So we walked out, when we walked out some moronic girl that just so happens who knew Jessica from a previous job started to talk:


Fran: Hey, I know you I use to work with you
Jessica: Ummm, OK
Fran: It's me Fran we use to work together (insert place name)
Jessica: Oh yea I trained you
[Fran glaces at Shane]

Fran: So how's it going, what have you been up to ?

Jessica: Not much just job hunting you ?

[Fran then looks again at Shane an says the following to Shane while sounding all retarded like she thought he was a retard]


Fran: Hi, I remember you do you remember me
[Shane thinks, you don't fucking remember me, you haven't even met me before you dumb whore]
[Shane remains silent and says No]

Fran: Well I remember you, how are you doing
Shane: OK ? (sounding confused)

[Shane thinks, if I never met you in my fucking life then how do you know me ?]

[Shane & Jessica walk off to the car]


Shane asks Jessica: The fuck was that ?, some dumb bitch who is no doubt on somethin (aside from many dicks at a time) thinking she knows me.

Jessica: I don't know why she claims she knows you, she may know OF you but she has never met you that I know of...

- Shane Diamond -

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