Welcome to Darkside as this is the first ebook that 4E Inc has released since the start of 2008 as we all feel that this release is long over due.

Even though it's called “Darkside” the poems included in this release are not all “Dark” as they show various forms of both Shane & Jessica, perhaps they're sides that you may not know exsist from previous releases.


We hope that you all enjoy everything int his release and hope you all continue to support us at 4E Inc


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A Collboration


You see me as beautiful you see me as hot.
But to me I'm nothing & should just be forgot.

You see me as amazing but I don't know how.

'Cause to me I'm nothing but a girl with a frown.

You see me as others do not; as a person.


I see you as my everything in this world.

Even though you see yourself as a depressed girl.

When I look deep into them green eyes.
I see our souls play an intertwine.

Watchin you sit there with the frown on ya face.

Makes my mind begin to race.

Wonderin what can I do to spark the smile.

I'm willin to do anythin even be romantic even though it's not my style.


Ya sit there all drabbed an sad.

As you try to understand what I see as you write on this pad.

But you won't understand, since I don't understand what you see in me.

The only thing I know we can understand why.
Is each others love since it gets us on a incredible high.


To me you're my world, my life.

And someday I hope I can be your wife.

You're my everything, my all.

Without you I'd surely fall.

No words can describe what you mean to me.

And I know you don't see what I see.

But to me you're the best.

I have no need for the rest.

Cause to me you're perfection, though I know it's not real.

You make me feel better, you make me heal.

You're my doctor of happiness & love.

You complete me like a lost matching glove.

I'll love you forever and a day.

And It won't matter what others say.

Jessica & Shane Diamond

A Drink To Die For

Pour me a drink.

I don't need to think.

Dumb as a nail.

Certain to fail.

That's me, why can't you see.

Death is what fate will be.

Pour me another drink.

Make it so I only sink.

To the bottom of the lake.

So no longer I'll fake.

This so called life of mine.

I'im tired of saying I'm just fine.

I'm a miserable bitch.

Throw me in a ditch.

Please I'm begging you.

Do it for me, my family too.

A drink to die for

A craving for more

Just pour one last drink.

Barely able to think.

Bleach & Strict nine.

Feeling mighty fine.

The end is near.

Death is here.

Alas I'am DEAD


Jessica Diamond

Cloudless Day


The sky as blue as it can possibly be.

Nothing else to do except writing for me.

A release in the future is what I ponder.

As I sit out here under open sky an let my mind wonder.

The sun on my back, my wife by my side.

My mind soars like the murder in the sky.

The sun fills many people with happy & joy feelings.

When the sun hits them they start bein energized.

Their delight starts to flow out their eyes.


Something only matched by kids on easter highs.

Lying in the grass side by side.

Looking at you with only pride.

The sun beating down upon us all.

As we sit & listen to natures call.

Not a cloud in sight.

Not a feeling of fright.

All is clear & well.

Off in the distance I hear a bell.

Easter is upon us this glorious day.

How could I not write in a happy way.

SO here we lay on this beautiful day.

Out in the sun & throw our cares away.


Shane & Jessica Diamond

The Stalking


Watching you in the rain.

Stocking, praying on the vain.

Waiting for a time to kill.

Wanting more than my fill.

Blood running down the trail.

I'm certain not to fail.

With my knife, I will come.

Bitch you gotta stop playing dumb.

Now's the time for you to die.

So on the ground you can lie.


Just one more bitch in this world.

Now it's time for her family to feel sorrow.

Her blood be all over my hands.

The evilo I have set her free from, the evil she can't stand.

Look at that lifeless body laying so still.

Killin that fuckin whore was so much of a thrill.

I wish I could bring her back to life.

So I can murder her as my wife.

From what I see in her eyes.

Is the look of blood red skys.


Now my task is done.

Time to go I've had my fun.

You like so still at last killing you was ablast.

Thanx for making a perfect day.

It was fun to come out and play.

Jessica & Shane Diamond

Sex In The Sun


So sunny & bright.

Things feeling so right.

My pussy getting wet.

Getting my body set.

Wnating to have some hot fun.

Wanting to have sex in the sun.


Strip ya to the skin.

Is here I would begin.

Let my lips walk all over your breasts.

While I gaze at the rest.

I'll reach for that tender an wet pussy slowly.

Cause I know when these fingers start it'll be oozin juicy.


Moans escape my lips.

Your touch makes me move my hips.

Rockin to and frow.

Making you want to blow.

Your cock coming free.

Slowly entering me.


Wanting to place my baby inside her to grow.

I know to take this nice an slow.

Watch me fondle her breasts.

I won't stop there cause I want all the rest.

With the anticipation before I inserted my seed.

We both wanted whats best for it an not outta greed.


Jessica & Shane Diamond

Summer Love


Rolling around on the grass..

Feeling his hands on her ass.

Tuggin on her pants, trying to get them free.

Her naked body he wanted to see.

Reveal to me your beauty, expose yourself for me.

I want you to tell the world what I see.

Turn on the readers.

Let them feel they need her.

To feel all the sensations that I feel.

Make them think that the images in there head are real.


Naked from the waist down.

He's got her pinned on the ground.

Ripping the buttons on her shirt.

Giggling,laughing, she's such a flirt.

Naked for the world to see.

He holds her down telling her “You're the only one for me.”


Burys his face between her thighs.

He knows she is bout to kiss the sky.

Lick, Lick, Lick her pussy is what his tongue flicks.

Makin her anticipate more an more for the dick.

Debatin about the child he wants to give.

Deep down it's with this girl he would like to live.


Jessica & Shane Diamond

Tits For Money


Standin 'roudn showin' what you got.

Never realizing whom you fought.

Tits flyin out while mine I hide.

You get your job as in his lap you ride.

Show tits for money

Least I've got class honey.


I know out here in the country we be teachin re-spect.

But perhaps you won't understand my die-lect.

So now you shall step back as from a farm.

I take aim keepin you guess whats my arm.

Never knowin what I may bring.

But if its trouble than thats a way I can swing.


I have my respect, where's yours ?

Where's the hard work, lookin for work while doin chores ?

Seems in your eyes life is simple.

Try explanin that to the 12 year old with the pimple.

The streets you seem to work.

'Cause that's the place I see you leark.

Showin them tits for money.

Ain't life funny.


Fuck that gutless little wh ore, she can flash.

Cause if it's a fight she wants it's her head I'll smash.

I'm through wastin my time with a skank hoe.

She ain't fuckin worth my big toe.

Even though she thinks she wants me in a box.

She's just mad cause I've caused so many shox.

She won't drop it so she acts all strong.

Only cause she won't drop that bong.


Jessica & Shane Diamond

Time To Die


Make me a whore, make me a cook.

Just keep away that holy book.

No smarts for school.

Guess I'm un-cool.

No good job for me.

It's bottom of the lake you'll see.

Death for me will come soon.

Perhaps at night, beneath a full moon.

A back up plan, or two, or three.

A rock, a knife, a gun, somethin so I'm free.

The time will come.

And I'll have my fun.

To make you suffer an make you cry.

I lived my life: a giant lie.

Happy, I'm not.

But i's what you thought.

I am no fun, just a boring bitch.

Dying inside to make it rich.

So make me your whore, your bitch and stuff.

I don't care 'cause my brains just fluff.

Time to run, the moon is bright.

My death is near, I will not fight.

Time to die.

And end this lie.

One last word to all: Goodbye!


Jessica Diamond

Slowly I Die


Slowly I die, piece by piece.

My heart cries, slowly at first.

My brain shuts down an all goes black.

Here an now, slowly I die.

Without your love I scream silently.

Slowly at first, then with more speed.

I fall into a world unknown.

Here an now, slowly I die.

My insides hurt as my heart breaks.

Until a blackened world I come to wake.

Alone, scared & crying.

Because here an 'now, slowly I die.

My eyes close.

Darkness all around.

Screams heard in the distance.

As slowly I die.

It' ends, I'm dead & surrounded by the glorious night with stars shining bright.

A beautiful sight because today I slowly died.


Jessica Diamond

Shane Diamond


When all hope is gone

An' you feel so all alone.

Where do you go.

When you feel so damn low ?

What do you do

When noones there for you ?

When you feel your fate is sealed.

An' your heart is anything but healed.

What do you do ?

Perhaps you take a hit or two ?

The answer for me is you 'cause you're my light.

You shine with love and insight

You're my hope, my all

You're always there to catch me when I fall

Forever & a day I'll love you true.

An support you in all that you do.

Some day your child I'll bare.

An' the world will know of our love so rare.

Our parents marriages lasted 30 years plus.

Ours will too, for us it's a must.

Always close by, yet so far away.

Our love to last forever & a day.


Jessica Diamond

I Hate You


I hate you mom & I hate you dad.

I hate the world 'cause I'm treated so bad.

I hate my life the way it is.

But that's ok 'cause it's just my biz.

My business, my life, my world of hate.

Slicin my wrists is my ultimate fate.

I hate you Keith & I hate you Jim.

Together you made my life more dim.

I hate you Sarah & I hate you Tom.

You both make me want to set off a bomb,

I hate you all.

'Cause it's the world laughing when I fall.


Jessica Diamond

My Story


My story started years ago.

The day that she had to go.

She was perfect, she was kind.

To all she was a rare find.

I'm no good, no good at all.

I'm the child certain to fall.

Born nothing but bad.

I'm the child I bet my parents wished they hadn't had.

Teased & tormented as years began to pass.

I was left sitting alone on my ass.

Death was my friend, my one & only.

Yet here I sit, nothing but lonely.

My story is pathetic this I know.

Guess it's time that I should go.

Time to end my pathetic life.

Time head to kitchen for the knife.

Blood beginning to pool on the floor.

I smile & fade out as I watch it pool more.

Into my faded bliss I go.

Hope they know it was all just as how.

Pathetic am I.

My lifes a lie.

So here it ends, my life as I know it.

I won't be missed not one single bit.

Blood runs as I laugh and smile.

Soon my life will be nothing but a file.

My story ends here.

I leave with no fear.

For now is my time to die.


Jessica Diamond

Trying To Be Free


My heart is black.

My life's off track.

My soul's lost.

But it can be yours for a cost.

I'm pathetic an dumb.

One day I'll become a bum.

Nobody wants me in their life.

Guess I'll find me a dirty life.

I'm too bad for a clean blade.

Perhaps I'll find a sharp piece of jade.

Walking down this lonely path.

Find an animal to feel my rath.

Laugh an smile for I'm no good.

As Shane hides behind his dark hood.

A lost soul like me

Shane too longs to be free.

Two people full of hate.

Two people soon to go irate.

Blood begins to run

Now starts my fun.

My wrists are open.

No point in mopin.

Around over stupid lil me.

Can't you see I'm tryin to be free ?


Jessica Diamond

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