Living The Hidden Way

Blood on the wall

Some stains are old

Painting a mosaic of 

Another sad year

Hiding behind all the pretty


It is something so unexpected

There is no justification 

In what I have to say

Take in some moments

Try picture

The relief as the blade

Cuts deep like an orgasm

Sex sells

The only think we all desire

As much

Don't lie to yourself

You take what you mind wants

And leave what you won't have

The negative days

The negative periods

See the hidden face

Living the hidden way

Placed somewhere 

On the face of this planet


allets's picture

If It Helps

I will lie to myself. Until it gets brighter and happier. Goals are like that - set em and go get em - good or bad outcomes just mean doing it better next time or making better choices. I feel like this poem when someone I love dies. Sad - slc