Just The Start

So, what if the world does care, about me

So, what if the world doesn't care, about me

It doesn't care about you either

Even, kin can stab you

Front to back

In broad daylight

I wouldn't expect an ounce of mercy

Not even a mustard seed 

Jesus felt it, he had too

Because he deserved too

So, we can feel we deserve it too

In spirit we may be superior

But in flesh we inferior

So, what if we got a conscious

Its not enough to stop

Another trigger happy finger

Countless ways to die

This world is an infinite prison

Its just the start

A juvenile precinct

Leading much to death rows return

Look at the Christians

Thinking they better

Look at the Muslims

Thinking they better

Look at us the

Now, then and new non believer's

Thinking we better

Look at the rest

Thinking they better

So, what if we the little ones

The universe has a spot of stain

Cause all alone

We the only ones filled with devils





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Eveyone Has Their Devils

I guess. We work to keep them silent though mostly. When they rise, people wonder if you are okay, but they know about deveils and forgive any outbursts. Eventually, they stop screaming and things settle down to the hum drum of normalcy. (usually) - slc