I Could Be So Much More

You say I am

Of no use

You say I am 

Abortive, bootless and counterproductive

You say I am

Disadvantageous, dysfunctional and expendable

You say I am

Feckless, fruitless and futile

You keep on saying

You can't find

The diamond inside me

All I am

Is just the

Dust and the rough

You say I am

Good-for-nothing, hopeless and idle

You say I am

Impracticable, impractical and incompetent

You say I am

Ineffective, ineffectual and inept

You say I am

Inoperative, inutile and meaningless

Yet, I could be

So much more

Something you say

Isn't part of this world

Isn't meant to be me

Shouldn't I stand

By your side

All I know

Is to be on my knees

And in free-falling tears

You say I am

No good, nonfunctional and pointless

You say I am

Profitless, purposeless and scrap

You say I am

Stupid, unfunctional and unproductive

You say I am

Unpurposed, unusuable and valueless

You keep saying

I am a waste

Weak and worthless

You keep saying

No you've left

A voice inside me head

Saying the same

Every passing day

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Oh how we can use other peoples words to beat ourselves down.

We should start telling ourselves the opposite of what that one said. We are worthy!

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