Out of The Rabbit Hole

They say there are no borders

But we have boundaries

They say the sky is the limit

But we have borderlines

They say the frontiers are still there to be found

But we are living on edge

They say we are on the brink

But we are somewhat far from the verge

They say the curtains have been drawn

But we are on the brim

They say all roads are clear

But we can't salvage from the blockade

So in sincere deep thoughts 

The negativity will smash itself

We are not confined

Nor are we at the end

The ditch maybe fenced

But out of the rabbit hole

We will all come

The trench maybe the hammer mounted

To our displeasure on the wall

But we are the centre breaking away

At the concrete slabs of misery w

Without a single meaning

The positivity will be the continuity

In our very own purpose

Its clear