Baptized In A Flood of Teargas

Sense (2018)

Jailbird says the angry birds

A billion downloads and

I am on a down low

Bandit says star wars rebels

A sith lord says

Down with the force

I am going to

Storm in full force

Zap sign says buzz off

A billion hastags

Apologize 'Sithole'

The world belongs to all

Damn, a full fist of Hennessey

Somehow I still have 

A clear vision on me

5 senses aided by

A sixth sense

Where's Bruce Willis

Convicted for throwing up

All them peace signs

Guess somebody photoshoped me

With a declaration of peace

On my hind side

Twisted and now a

Declaration of war

Tell where did all the

Huddles and protests

Come from

A white flag and 

All of a sudden you

Baptized in a flood of

Teargas and no mercy

From all the tears 

You reap they say

Damn, flush down another

Glass of alcohol

Its a total downpour

How does a baby

End up in a dumpster

Never mind the visuals

Blame the failed system

Or all those damn runaways

Who don't have the heart

Nor the courage to care