Champions II

Sweet dressing in a relished sauce

Flavored milk season with tang

Blender It can't be helped

But to drink your mix

Shake me

Sway me

Arrest me

Brain freeze

Sweetened agent

Thickening agent

Allow this great variety

Recipe on high

Malted milk strewn with

Crumbled cookies and crumbled

Candy bars

Remain at best

Super filled stainless steel tanks of

A soft serve for keeps with syrup

Whisk away

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Bananas As Thickening Agent

And carrots for roughage and coloring, strawberries when in season or frozen berries for color and vitamin c. Milk is full of sugar so half and half or the illegal scoop of Hagen Daz rum raisin~ooooh baby! Then you go insane and add...basically whatever is in the fridge: a few sprigs of spinach, advocado, and fresh papaya. Brain freeze is mandatory. Nice write - happy shake makin' - slc