(10) The Bullet Is Fired

The bullet is fired, guess who its directed to, should I dodge

Duck, make an exclusive escape, when I hear the magazine still loading

Nobody will care, 'cause when you broke, you're just another entity

Enough, can't help it, it will never be enough

Today, just turn on the screens, the world is addicted to death

I still see, life around the corner, I will never say

I see death, around the corner, like my home girl Charisma

RIP, shot on the corner, on the sixth

After a big bash, a party, on the day

They say, the sun rose, so beautiful at dawn

But what I can say, 'til the day, I die

Going to press, until I get case, get the chance to rise above

The pursuit of happiness, is just a taste, looks can be deceiving

Just goes to show, we all, still chasing

Empty a bottle of wine, before I get the rush, bash it against the wall

Why should I, give a f*uk, maybe I should look up

Get my funk on, hit the scene, grab all the attention

Steal the highlight reel, steal the show, ain't it what the human side desires the most...