But You Can't Change It

10-foot man exuded a blind man's confidence.
He swelled out in his entity,
Became his existence,
Embracing his Being.

Curiosity oozed ever so smoothly
out his sweating pores
From deep, deep down
At the fountain's source.

10-foot man acquired the
Gun to place in the hand
Of the ambitious man;
Guiding his aim to the
Forehead of the

Giver gently smiling.

Give me reason,
So I can question;
Absurdity, so I can doubt;
Ignorance, that I
May suffer in vain.

10-foot man stripped naked,
Walking out deliberately
Into the rolling briny waves;
For an ending to the nothingness.

The repetitions persist,
The tendencies abound,
The patterns unfold;
But you can't change it.

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One Aspect

Of the life's course. Forces push/pull, resistance is never futile, some try to win against the permutations of the mind as a world. Most fail.  - slc