Fucking Bigot!

Race, sex, sexuality, politics, religion, ethnicity, national origin, culture, etc... how many ways can human beings differentiate themselves from other human beings?... how seemingly important is the identity in the mind of the individual... (what am I? what am I not?)... how depressing is the realization that we are all members of the same species... being born and dying consistently... becoming ill, becoming well... into penury, then into wealth... wars, sports, business and pleasure... distracting our minds as much as possible... ignoring the uncertainty of everything about our existence... ignoring the painfully obvious dearth of meaning, value, purpose and reason for human existence... all are self-proclaimed leaders dancing in the dark, using most godlike language to captivate the imaginations of the ignorant, helpless, hopeless masses with their beauteous, bright visions of progress... to exploit and manipulate them to serve their machinations and boundless ambition... though, in truth, they are as blind as them.

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There is nothing wrong with discernable difference

I think it's more evil to try to force everyone into singularity. Read genesis, the tower of Babel. We are there