All the manifold ways people differentiate themselves from other people is irrelevant... We're all members of the same species... I see through your clothes... how you fill your bowels with foods and liquids to sustain life... eating and drinking, shitting and pissing... I see how you become dirty and clean yourself, then become dirty again, cleaning yourself once more... its all so irrelevant... as meaningless as human existence...

The Buddah sits under the lotus tree, dwelling behind closed eyes set in a smooth, relaxed face... its so simple, so obvious... it becomes obvious, simple... members of a species, parts of a whole... one Soul, one Body, one Mind, one Consciousness... gods and religions get in the way... obfuscating the truth, the veil of Maya... all the drama, unnecessary drama... it's too ridiculous to take seriously, and then the Buddah laughes softly.

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Jesus is the way. 

Jesus is the way. 

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So the laughter

It is a silly little cosmic joke.

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