Some people meet in bars, dance clubs, fitness clubs, strip clubs, houses of worship, at work in factories, offices, fields, at political rallies, debates, in riots, at sex parties, house parties, in drug dens, during police raids, traffic stops, in holding cells, drunk tanks, the waiting rooms of hospitals, emergency rooms, private practices, in sales calls, in boardrooms, online in chatrooms, at farmers markets, county fairs, at bus stops, train stops, in airports, banks, grocery stores, discount box stores, bookstores, checkout lines, in interviews, on talk shows, in casinos, support groups, coffee shops, at live poetry readings...

But I'm old school... I like to browse young, big, hard cocks on a casual dating app via my internet-connected smartphone while sitting behind Senator Lindsey Graham on weekdays... passing him papers relevant to the line of questioning at that specific hearing.

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