In my dream, Ted Levine was in full costume and character from On Becoming a God in Central Florida... but whenever I closed my eyes, I heard Jame Gumb from Silence of the Lambszzzzz... the soundtrack of the song playing in the background of the genitals-tucked-behind-the-thighs-dancing-in-front-of-the-camera scene from 1991 was eerily playing on a loop in surround sound... he was bending and breaking my spine as I lay naked and inert on the well-lit cold stainless-steel table... Kirsten Dunst's tits were in the upper corner of the room without a body... I could only move my eyes... and out of the corner of my eyes, those massive post-childbirth tits with their full pink nipples were jiggling and wiggling just inside the shadows... growing and expanding in their fleshy sexual girth... as Ted L. pulled out the bonesaw and went to work... all the while, mumbling to himself under that ridiculous mustache, "Would you fuck?... I'd fuck me... I'd fuck me hard... I'd fuck me so hard..."

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