Eat your own head... cut it off and eat it... swallow it whole... then you can laugh at the absurdity and no one will hear you, see you laugh... then they can't judge you, asking you, "Why dost thou laugh so merrily thus in this most dystopian reality, ye?..."


And you can retort, "Kind sir... good madame, I eatest mine own head... indeed I do not beg permission muchly to attempt such a feat as this... nay, prithee, nay... how I feast translucent!..."


Eat eat eat... eat your own head.

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If you are what you eat, I

If you are what you eat, I might not taste all that good.

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I fed on my head Thought I

I fed on my head

Thought I was dead

I fed and fed

Thinking I'd bled

I fed on my head

Oh what a dread

My head my head

It said I was led



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