Have you known me?
I am the philosophy of the New incarnate;
I drink deeply of the unfamiliar,
Breathing in the cold, dark air that encompasses me,
Living on the new food,
Learning my way.


I am the destroyer of your precious facts and truths,
Your religious dogmas, political ideologies, races, sexualities, ethnicities, nationalities, histories, cultures, conventions, traditions, rituals, societies, governments, institutions, legislations, penal systems, education industries with ever inflating prices;
I close my eyes,

And the established name-brand universities disappear;
Your certificates, diplomas, resumes can't save you here.


Pure, naked, alone, flexible, fluid, free and willing
Are the demands of the gatekeeper to this frontier;
This is the new land, the new way;
The old ways are worthless currency here;
Here you must teach yourself anew.

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