I strip naked and approach the thunderstorm;
I stand on the raised matter amidst the lightnight flashes;
My flacid penis hangs toward Mother Earth moaning;
My nervous anus winks with possibility.


In omnipotent benevolence, the God notices my presence;
I am pitied and showered with inspiration;
The dance impromptu begins suddenly, violently.


I am a lawyer arguing in front of the Supreme Court of a nation-state;
I become a technician in front of a digital screen for 12-hour days, 6 days a week, 51 weeks a year;
I shift into the form of a Syrian;
First a mother, then father, then child, then loyalist, then rebel;
My face stops in the image of Bashar al-Assad;
I melt into a journalist, a poet, a dancer, a rapist, a thief, a holy man, a politician, a firebrand, a revolutionary, a reformist, a voyeur, a parasite.


Finally, my metamorphosis complete,
Trapped in the slight, feathered body of a goldfinch,
Gorging myself on seed at the feeder;
Then take flight into the infinite nothingness of Time.

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interesting & vivid. good job

interesting & vivid. good job