Only Hardcore

I don't want what's acceptable,
What's popular, what's appealing;
I dont' want the liberal, nor the conservative,
Nor the Jew, nor the Christian, nor the Muslim.
Their rhetoric bores me, their propaganda
Is obvious, their arguments are tired; the lazy
Stupid fatness of their reality is ripe for the coup.


I don't want what's inclusive, egalitarian,
Prosperous, compassionate.
I want the hardcore shit, the new ideas,
The revolutionary thought; the world-destroying
Human-sacrificing something out of nothing.
I want the new, the original thing;
Feed me, feed me, I'm ravenous for change.

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Um, how 'bout

We all build community within our communities...

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lol... that works too... I'm

lol... that works too... I'm easy.

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Might just

Shake 'em up a bit

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