What is Good?

Movement, exploration, experimentation, activity;
Problem solving, critical thinking, free thought.
It is the journey, the process,
And the freedom that is found in it.

This is what is real, valuable, meaningful;
And everything else is rhetoric,
Propaganda, salesmanship, distraction.

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Do you know everyhing?..what

Do you know everyhing?..what is free and what is bias?  Its not meant as a critascism per say; just a take on your emphaticness as your assertions dont leave much room for subjectivity, mental distortions. and the grave limits of our conciousness.

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What is freedom?

Salesmanship is a good word. It is tempting for me to say that propaganda and salesmanship are products of free thought, or at least in the case of original propaganda - if it were not so, what would there to be propagate? To blindly buy what is being sold is a different question altogether, and although one is automatically skeptical of salesmen sometimes one may be persuaded by their product. Someone approached me yesterday offering to patch all the rust holes in my car for 80 bucks. I dismissed him as is my natural reaction to salesmen, later I thought it over and thought it may have been a good idea to take him up on the offer. Oh well.


In the case of door to door evangelists, I would agree it's all baloney.