The gas chambers smoke;
Production capacity maximized.
The leader leads;
The laborer labors, skilled or unskilled;
The capitalist risks for profit.


The mathematical-scientific-technological

Teaches me to manipulate, exploit

Resources more efficiently, effectively.
And a human being is a resource;
Standing reserve, homo sapien.


Like Hitler, Napoleon, Caesar, Alexander;
Must... acquire... capital.
Aggressively, proactively reinvesting
In an effort to acquire more capital;
A cycle of capital acquisition that
Perpetuates itself indefinitely.
Reason for existing?

Survive and procreate; contribute

To the perpetuation of the species.

Participate in the labor market;

Or risk for profit, entrepreneurial.


As nuclear fusion continues
Unabated in the core of the nearest
Star through its fifth billion year.

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Econ 101

I hated economics and polisci. History went on the compost heap - and here it all is, back, inescapably back :D slc



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indeed... it teaches one to

indeed... it teaches one to think coldly, calculatingly... it instructs one how to pursue benefit at the cost of one's humanity.