Monthly Archive for September 2006

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Hoodlums Poem anexod Sep 27th
BullShit Poem asherivers 1 Abstract Sep 27th
Suicide is for Quitters Poem asherivers 1 Gothic Sep 27th
It takes three Poem asherivers 1 Life/Living Sep 27th
Time, It Will Not Wait For You Poem bluewave 2 Sep 27th
Ducks, Where Do You Go? Poem bluewave 1 Sep 27th
I JUST WANT YOU TO TELL ME Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 27th
Cry Poem crazyallen2006 Pain/Sorrow Sep 27th
Lifes Hard Times Poem crazyallen2006 1 Hate Sep 27th
Bluer than blue Poem crazyallen2006 1 love Sep 27th
The Sun Only Shines on Sunday Poem dakotadarkhorse religion Sep 27th
Camera Obscura Poem dakotadarkhorse Political Sep 27th
Hoping one day Poem geneconner2008 Sep 27th
Rhyme Scheming Poem grahf Sep 27th
Miss Demeanor Poem grahf 1 Sep 27th
What You Do For Me Poem hatter Sep 27th
Desert Poem hatter Sep 27th
Love the Thief Poem hatter Sep 27th
Cloud From out My Mouth Poem hatter Sep 27th
Simplicity Walks Hand in Hand With the Divine Poem hatter Sep 27th
Comfort in Honing the Senses Poem hatter Sep 27th
A Path to Gardens Untended Poem hatter Sep 27th
Rapid Hope Loss Poem johnnythm_777 Sep 27th
Flaws Poem johnnythm_777 Sep 27th
Lies In Bed Poem johnnythm_777 Sep 27th
Remember? Poem johnnythm_777 Sep 27th
Peace in Death Poem Paesano 1 Sep 27th
Why? Poem naushin84 Depression Sep 27th
Hoping High Again!! Poem naushin84 Decisions Sep 27th
Malcs Semi-Auto Biography Poem nickburdett Comedy/Humor Sep 27th
You Poem DarkStatic gay love Sep 27th
Death Poem DarkStatic 1 death Sep 27th
I never thought Poem ozzypoemgirl Sep 27th
I thought when I become 21 years old I was in charge of me. Poem ozzypoemgirl Sep 27th
IN MY AWKWARD WAY Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 27th
Insomnia Poem spf Sep 27th
Incision Poem spf Sep 27th
'Cross The Ocean Poem strangelittleboy Sep 27th
Feel Poem strangelittleboy Sep 27th
Alone Looking At The Mountain Poem teresa_r 1 Sep 27th
ol cancer eyes (margin) Poem voighdt Abstract Sep 27th
Lightening Bugs Poem wishful_thinking Sep 27th
Little By Little Moodiness Poem bluewave 2 Sep 28th
How much I love you Poem bumblebee Lost love Sep 28th
JOB INTERVIEW Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 28th
When Doves Cry Poem dakotadarkhorse Lost love Sep 28th Poem davidwalters Articles Sep 28th
Holocaust Poem emerald_eyes Sep 28th
Innocence Within Poem flower_child 1 Human Nature Sep 28th
Your Words Poem ghostwriter_1900 Sep 28th
A Lifetime Spent Poem ghostwriter_1900 Sep 28th
Without You (again) Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 28th
No Peace Poem gothic_fairy_ 1 Sep 28th
Forever? Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 28th
Not All The Time Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 28th
Give Love Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 28th
Right Or Wrong? Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 28th
A Poetic Soul Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 28th
Part 2 - Emancipation Poem LadyAryn Sep 28th
Beached Poem lettersfromorual Sep 28th
Strawberry Soul Poem ninesevenoh4 Sep 28th
You're My Mosquito Bite Poem ninesevenoh4 Sep 28th
Meaning Something Poem otierney Sep 28th
Rogue Tear (Revised) Poem otierney Lost love Sep 28th
The miracle of life! Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Sep 28th
Heart In Your Hands Poem stephanietagle Sep 28th
Fatal Fantasy Poem stephanietagle Abuse Sep 28th
Blanketed Poem strangelittleboy Sep 28th
A FLOWER Poem teresa_r 3 Sep 28th
ARMAGEDDON OF SELF Poem trivking64 Fate/Destiny Sep 28th
Dandelion Poem wishful_thinking Sep 28th
Ears Of Your Heart Poem wishful_thinking Sep 28th
Protect Me Poem yaramo Sep 28th
When I dream Poem ChandaHealton dreams Sep 29th
Wishing Stars Can Fade Away Poem bluewave 1 Sep 29th
My Prayer Poem ghostwriter_1900 Sep 29th
Denomic Disappearance Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 29th
I Don't Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 29th
Bleed For You Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 29th
Too Far Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 29th
I Was Wrong Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 29th
Always Love You Poem gothic_fairy_ love Sep 29th
Not Today Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 29th
Love and Hate Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 29th
Still Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 29th
Shining for us Poem gothic_fairy_ love Sep 29th
Worth The Pain Poem gothic_fairy_ love Sep 29th
When Poem humanpulse 1 Sep 29th
ITS TIME TO FUCKIN GIVE UP Poem kaibabe88 Anger NonViolent Sep 29th
19's Prophecy Poem mrurbansoul 2 Existence Sep 29th
Mother! My heart weeps Poem nickkler Abuse Sep 29th
UNAPOLOGETIC Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 29th
APART FROM THE OPPOSING OTHERS Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 29th
THE FEEDING OF THE INFATUATION Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 29th
CHASING SILENCE Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 29th
UNDER THE RULE OF INDIGNATION Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 29th
HOLIDAY Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 29th
LIFE W/O LOVE IS NOT LIVING Poem pikurpoison Dark Love Sep 29th
Bliss Poem solpemachaco Sep 29th
Two Lovers At Midnight Poem teresa_r 1 Sep 29th
Continual Expression of Faith Poem trumpet7 inspiration Sep 29th
In Your Grasp Poem twisted_reality42 love Sep 29th
Autumn Poem twisted_reality42 Change/Transition Sep 29th
Les Guerres des Strategies (The Strategic Wars) Poem bluewave 1 Sep 30th
Stringing Silly Phrases Together 1 Poem bluewave 1 Sep 30th
Moondrop Memories Poem bluewave 2 Sep 30th
The Embrace of Death Poem forgeteden 1 Sep 30th
I was there Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 30th
Never Thought Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 30th
No More Words Poem Paesano Sep 30th
Emotionally Misplaced Poem ninesevenoh4 1 Sep 30th
Something’s up Poem ozzypoemgirl Sep 30th
Early to Poem ozzypoemgirl Sep 30th
AGGRAVATED ANGER Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 30th
Not a merry XMAS Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Sep 30th
time well spent Poem schizophasia Abstract Sep 30th
it creeps. (01:02:03 04-05-06) Poem schizophasia Abstract Sep 30th
"I'll think I'll put on my hat, my hat, my hat, my hat, my hat..." Poem schizophasia Abstract Sep 30th
thoughts of the submerged Poem schizophasia Abstract Sep 30th
praise for garbage Poem schizophasia Abstract Sep 30th
writing the lord's prayer on a grain of rice Poem schizophasia Sep 30th
bonne matinee Poem schizophasia Abstract Sep 30th
sunset is an all day process Poem schizophasia Abstract Sep 30th
valuing simplicity Poem schizophasia Abstract Sep 30th
do we do the revolution now Poem schizophasia Abstract Sep 30th
the squirrel Poem schizophasia Abstract Sep 30th
nothing Poem schizophasia 1 Abstract Sep 30th
Prisoner Poem silverstar Sep 30th
Who Should Take the First Step Poem silverstar Sep 30th
Lost love: Forgotten promises Poem xXx_Arsenic_xXx Sep 30th
Broken Poem xXx_Arsenic_xXx Sep 30th