Monthly Archive for September 2006

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
PEACE AND JOY Poem ladydp2000 1 inspiration Sep 19th
My Child Poem orszulaks Sep 19th
The moods seizures Poem ozzypoemgirl Sep 19th
THE NIGHT PRIOR Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 19th
SELFF REMOVAL Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 19th
Where's the beef? Poem randyjohnson 1 Comedy/Humor Sep 19th
Seeing red Poem ruth_x_less Pain/Sorrow Sep 19th
Spiritual Blessings in Christ Poem trumpet7 inspiration Sep 19th
Eat Fish Poem wisdomscry Sep 19th
Fishing!!!! Poem wisdomscry Sep 19th
Chaos Calm Poem xephornite Sep 19th
Old Poets Drink Café au Lait Poem ashaumyan 1 Poetry/Writing Sep 20th
Walls Poem bluewave 1 Sep 20th
Pluto Poem dakotadarkhorse Sep 20th
Gray Day Poem dakotadarkhorse Sep 20th
Her Tragic Affair (the season for treason) Poem dakotadarkhorse Sep 20th
Where did your life go? Poem dbora32 1 Sep 20th
Let it be Her Poem deathflavoredgum Sep 20th
You make me See Poem dreayeya Sep 20th
Solitary Confinement Poem emadjav Sep 20th
Just Putting It Out There....VOL 1 Poem expebonyprincess 1 Sep 20th
Bawlroom Dancing Poem grahf Sep 20th
The Crows Poem inuyasha_1234 Angst Sep 20th
Grief (Steve Irwan) Poem inuyasha_1234 1 Bittersweet Sep 20th
My Lost Love Poem jazzy91 Sep 20th
to stephen Poem jessadawn Sep 20th
This Is Love Poem learn_to_be_lonely 1 Unrequited Love Sep 20th
`Human Waste` Poem mack619 Awakening Sep 20th
He, Man Poem icifan Sep 20th
Mom’s heart is having fits again. Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Sep 20th
Murderous Love Poem poetic_kylie Sep 20th
ASHES OF BURNT EYEBROWS Poem rafolj_07 Poetry/Writing Sep 20th
Toupee or not toupee Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Sep 20th
MY brother Poem rlbstar1 Sep 20th
Just Fuckin with Me Poem kick.ass.lass 1 Sep 20th
Eviscerated I am.. Poem sojaded Sep 20th
REFLECTIONS Poem trivking64 family Sep 20th
Lacto-Nutrition-Based-Battered-Flabble-Floms Poem anexod Sep 21st
Bound and Broken Poem bluewave 3 Loneliness Sep 21st
Swayed Poem bluewave 1 Sep 21st
He's Just A Human Being! Poem cathycavalcante Acceptance Sep 21st
TESS Poem chris Children Sep 21st
HIDE AND SEEK Poem chris 1 Abstract Sep 21st
The Biggest Mistake Poem crimsongirl regret Sep 21st
Bullshit Weather Poem deadpoet986 Sep 21st
the distance Poem essex Acceptance Sep 21st
whither away Poem essex Sep 21st
rip Poem essex Sep 21st
mitternacht Poem essex Sep 21st
Just Putting It Out There..........VOL 2 Poem expebonyprincess Sep 21st
Just Putting It Out There...............VOL 3 Poem expebonyprincess Sep 21st
Just Putting It Out There...............VOL 4 Poem expebonyprincess Sep 21st
Just Putting It Out There..........VOL 5 Poem expebonyprincess Sep 21st
Just Putting It Out There.........VOL 6 Poem expebonyprincess Sep 21st
Dark love Poem geneconner2008 Sep 21st
Driving Away Addiction Poem ghostwriter_1900 Sep 21st
Inner confusion Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 21st
Nothing Left Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 21st
With The Sun Poem gothic_fairy_ love Sep 21st
From The Start Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 21st
I Go Numb. Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 21st
Bombay Merry High Poem jgupta Sep 21st
dont lie... Poem kayspoems Sep 21st
To Love Poem learn_to_be_lonely 1 Sep 21st
My thoughts 2 timing men and women! Poem ozzypoemgirl Sep 21st
What will it take? Poem ozzypoemgirl Sep 21st
What will it take? Poem ozzypoemgirl Sep 21st
THE REPRISAL OF UNDEFEATED HOPE Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 21st
A TREMOR IN THE POET Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 21st
PEDDLING IN THE MIRE Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 21st
That Old Song Poem phil_carcione Sep 21st
A scarecrow, what I never wanted to be. Poem ruth_x_less jealousy Sep 21st
"Hands And Clowns" Poem sweetkisses91 Sep 21st
"Fallen Black Roses" Poem sweetkisses91 Sep 21st
"i dont understand" Poem sweetkisses91 Sep 21st
ضى العيون Poem t_almamlouk Sep 21st
و الله لو جبنا الفساتين Poem t_almamlouk Sep 21st
الف وباء .. يعنى الوطن.. Poem t_almamlouk Sep 21st
Worlds Apart (OA) Poem wrath1119 War Sep 21st
I Prefer To Be Organic Poem bluewave 1 Sep 22nd
Wolf Poem bluewave 2 Sep 22nd
Tiger Poem bluewave 3 Sep 22nd
Things Change Poem bluewave 6 Sep 22nd
I JUST WANT TO BE WITH YOU Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 22nd
A LONG ROAD HOME Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 22nd
THE GUY Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 22nd
SHE WANTS MONEY Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 22nd
My Own Prison Poem dannyheartache 1 Pain/Sorrow Sep 22nd
My Bleeding Heart Poem emadjav Sep 22nd
Gates of Heaven Poem exthias1983 Forgiveness Sep 22nd
There is no way Poem geneconner2008 Sep 22nd
Drowning Poem ghostwriter_1900 Sep 22nd
Love.. Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 22nd
Grow Fonder Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 22nd
I love you more each day Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 22nd
Pound for Pound Poem grahf 1 Sep 22nd
@1 Poem icewolf7 Abstract Sep 22nd
A Kiss Indeed Poem ice_princess 1 Sep 22nd
Painful Memory... Poem kaibabe88 Betrayal Sep 22nd
My letter to you... Poem kaibabe88 Suicide Sep 22nd
Untitled -- 9.22.2006 Poem kaibabe88 Depression Sep 22nd
i get the point Poem kaibabe88 Betrayal Sep 22nd
life Poem loves_da_way Fear Sep 22nd
Wandering Eyes Poem msant0816 1 Sep 22nd
Battle Poem msant0816 Sonnets Sep 22nd
Hello daddy plenty to say just not in the groove to write lately! Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Sep 22nd
I want to sleep but I can't Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Sep 22nd
YOUR ON MY MIND Poem pikurpoison History/Past Sep 22nd
WHEN I'M GONE Poem rachela 2 Sep 22nd
Someday the World WiIl Go Away. Poem kick.ass.lass Sep 22nd
Ok with Me. Poem kick.ass.lass Sep 22nd
Home of the Stoner Poem spf Sep 22nd
"Flamed Butterfly" Poem sweetkisses91 1 Sep 22nd
IN HIS IMAGE Poem trivking64 religion Sep 22nd
A God of Many Faiths Poem trumpet7 inspiration Sep 22nd
Untitled -- 9.22.2006 Poem Letty467 Suicide Sep 22nd
Lies Poem amywilkie 3 Sep 23rd
Sick. Poem brokenfairy Sep 23rd
This Mind Poem crimsonqueen love Sep 23rd
The Melting Point of Imagination Poem dakotadarkhorse Sep 23rd
Untitled 8.16 Poem dhoomedprincess Sep 23rd
The Sacred Orchid Poem flower_child Fantasy/Magic Sep 23rd
Hand in Hand Poem gothic_fairy_ love Sep 23rd
To Find The Happy Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 23rd
Special Moment Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 23rd
Still... Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 23rd
قراءة عن مجموعة "عنقود الكهرمان" بقلم: عبد العزيز محمد ا Poem gulizaranwar Abstract Sep 23rd
Callisthenics Poem jgupta Sep 23rd
Show Me Poem lonelymemories sadness Sep 23rd
Untitled -- 9.23.2006 Poem nighthawk21 Sep 23rd
Cliche-06' Poem oh_so_odd Sep 23rd
I wish I knew Poem ozzypoemgirl Sep 23rd
PATIENT WONDER Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 23rd
THE BLANKETED NIGHT Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 23rd
love hurts Poem poetrylover Lost love Sep 23rd
Birth Poem stephanyo Sep 23rd
ذاكرة للنسيان Poem tariqasrawi Sep 23rd
PERHAPS Poem trivking64 Existential Sep 23rd
Predictors of Doom Poem trumpet7 inspiration Sep 23rd
A Letter to You Poem twisted_whisperer Bittersweet Sep 23rd
Desperate Depressions Poem asherivers 1 Depression Sep 24th
Silence full of Sense... 3 Tanka Poem beiyin Change/Transition Sep 24th
To Murder A Saint Poem Megsamoo00 death Sep 24th
GROGGY Poem chris Children Sep 24th
ALL I CAN DO IS THINK ABOUT YOU Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 24th
SILENCE Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 24th
LET'S BE FRIENDS Poem chris Children Sep 24th
CAT II Poem chris Nature/Environment Sep 24th
Anywhere you go Poem geneconner2008 Sep 24th
You are my Poem geneconner2008 Sep 24th
You'll Fly High (song) Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 24th
Till Doomsday Poem greenmeadow death Sep 24th
A Breathless Cycle Poem hesyourlifelight Sep 24th
Dragon's Revenge Poem hhickson Fantasies Sep 24th
Pour down on me! Poem justme4him Sep 24th
Womanhood Poem GraciousGift 1 Life/Living Sep 24th
So Sad. Poem mellykins Song Lyrics Sep 24th
Pain Poem DarkStatic Pain/Sorrow Sep 24th
It’s a feeling like yes you are no you’re not! Poem ozzypoemgirl Sep 24th
GRACE Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 24th
I love you Poem raminastar Lost love Sep 24th
farewell Poem vatchejames Abstract Sep 24th
Don't Forget Poem thekirby Sep 24th
Tidal Wave Poem anexod Sep 25th
All That I Can Be Poem exthias1983 1 Faith Sep 25th
Perfectly Crafted Poem ghostwriter_1900 Sep 25th
My Heart Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 25th
Where Have You Been? Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 25th
Can't Live My Life Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 25th
Gone insane Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 25th
Only in my dreams Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 25th
Glow Girl Poem grahf Sep 25th
Journey Through The Winter Poem greenmeadow Nature/Environment Sep 25th
Figment Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Almost Forever Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Silent Cry Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Scared Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Dead Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
New Day Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Bound Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Thanks Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Unmasked Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Running Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Move on Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
No Need to Feel Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Six Feet Deep Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Tonight Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Manys A Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Abandonded Poem hottchickiddy 1 Sep 25th
Never There Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Is This the Real Me Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Tainted Lie Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Last Time Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Am I Here Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Words Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Left Hand Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
A Hand Much Bigger Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Sweet Sounds Poem hottchickiddy Sep 25th
Way Of The Hunter Poem jackabite 1 Sep 25th
Nothing' but a fling. Poem not_an_addict Sep 25th
Dear Friend Poem otierney History/Past Sep 25th
Feels Just Like It Should Poem otierney Pain/Sorrow Sep 25th
A Secret Message Poem otierney Missing You Sep 25th
My December Poem otierney Abuse Sep 25th
Dear god a prayer for mom! Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Sep 25th
Glad you’re feeling better! Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Sep 25th
Jealousy Poem perception jealousy Sep 25th
But I don't want to forget you.... Poem ruth_x_less Loneliness Sep 25th
Keep it to Myself. Poem kick.ass.lass 1 Sep 25th
You Make Me. Poem kick.ass.lass 1 Sep 25th
Small Verses Poem snaps Sep 25th
Music lines Poem snaps Sep 25th
Twisted Tales Poem spf Sep 25th
Finding Poem twisted_reality42 Life/Living Sep 25th
Meaningless Poem wishful_thinking Sep 25th
Back To The Basics Poem wishful_thinking Sep 25th
RIP Chris Poem Letty467 death Sep 25th
msg/wwr/sep/06/26/547p Poem catherine Sep 26th
LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW Poem chris Children Sep 26th
SEASONS OF LOVE Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 26th
BUSINESS TRIP Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 26th
WHEN CAN I SEE YOU AGAIN? Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 26th
THEN CAME THE SPRING Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 26th
THE RIGHT KIND OF LOVE Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 26th
Blood of my pen samples Poem coldaugust Sep 26th
In the wake Poem coldaugust Sep 26th
Two people meet Poem geneconner2008 Sep 26th
You and Time Poem ghostwriter_1900 Sep 26th
Don't Leave Me Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 26th
Fragile Boy Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 26th
I'll Keep Waiting Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 26th
So Alone Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 26th
Cant Handle Anymore Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 26th
Love Will Always Remain Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 26th
No More Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 26th
Laying down in my pitch black room {i continue} Poem iceblocker2003 Sep 26th
"Haunted" Poem jade_moon Sep 26th
Part 1- Incarceration Poem LadyAryn Sep 26th
How many times can a heart break? Poem misunderstoodshadow Sep 26th
An ode to God Poem not_an_addict Sep 26th
An Essay About Gay Rights Poem DarkStatic 1 gay love Sep 26th
Tonight Poem DarkStatic gay love Sep 26th
A Moth to the Flame Poem perception Abstract Sep 26th
Watermelon thief! Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Sep 26th
Painting in blood Poem xXx_Arsenic_xXx Sep 26th
Bloody Promises Poem xXx_Arsenic_xXx Sep 26th
Various Book Excerpts by Paulo Coelho Poem unrulyspring Sep 26th
Excerpts by Sonny Carroll Poem unrulyspring Sep 26th
Why So Serious (We Too Young To Feel So Depressed) Poem wishful_thinking Sep 26th
Times Like This Poem anexod Sep 27th