Monthly Archive for September 2006

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Left Out in The Cold Poem xtoxicbeautyx Loneliness Sep 13th
Staring Down the Barrel of a Loaded Shotgun with the Safety Off Poem anexod Sep 14th
Right and Wrong Poem asherivers Sep 14th
Scream for Sound Poem Juliet8 Sep 14th
Literary Belly Poem coldaugust Sep 14th
Of Politics and Poetry (autobiography of a falling bomb) Poem dakotadarkhorse Political Sep 14th
Square Poem SkyeTheBard Sep 14th
Jealousy Poem forgeteden 1 Sep 14th
First Steps Poem g3nevi3ve Life/Living Sep 14th
That Girl Is Me Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
You Save Me Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Sad And Weary Eyes Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Maybe Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Prove It's Real Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Where I Can Be Safe And Sound Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
I Didn't Know Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Never Coming Home Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
A Sad Heart Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
The Angel Of Silence Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
If You Were Gone Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
She Said Goodbye Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Without You Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
The Fool Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Do You Care Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
My Plea Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
End of My Pain Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Hate Me (2) Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
With A Gun Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Irrendescent Drops Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
I need to be saved Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Remembering You When You're Gone Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
You Hurt me for Joy Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
How Could You? Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
what's real besides the pain Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Silent Cries For Help Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Watching You Fall Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Absence of a Loved One Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Erase His Memory Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Invisible Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Darkness Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Last Embrace Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Contradictions Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
More Torture.. Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Her Fate Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Evanescent Love Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Time 2 Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Hello? Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
A Cut Poem gothic_fairy_ 1 Sep 14th
Scars I can No Longer Hide Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Do You? Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Nice To See You Happy Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Do You See? Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Don't Break It Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Almost Doesnt Count Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Hold Me.. Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Truth Is Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Don't Leave Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
What Could Have Been Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Just For You Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Love Ripper Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
You Thought Wrong Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
Love and Pain Poem gothic_fairy_ 1 Sep 14th
Stutter Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 14th
+ And Starred Words 22: Of Johnson Oatman Jr.'s "Last Mile" Poem Starward Spirituality Sep 14th
Go Figure Poem angeljerlin Individuality Sep 14th
Theatre Criticism Poem jgupta 1 Sep 14th
the ramblings that goes through my head when I think of you Poem kayspoems Sep 14th
RISING Poem loves_da_way Awakening Sep 14th
Insomnia Poem ozzypoemgirl Sep 14th
FREEZING IN HEAT Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 14th
* Winter Eagle * Poem poetvg Sep 14th
Stop wearing makeup Poem randyjohnson 1 Comedy/Humor Sep 14th
Ode to the Maelor Poem shazi Goodbye Sep 14th
Empty Poem sunkist7210 Sep 14th
Marriage Poem tajuta Sep 14th
Many Beliefs, But One Way Poem trumpet7 inspiration Sep 14th
appreciation Poem twisted_reality42 Life/Living Sep 14th
Therein Lies The Lesson Poem wishful_thinking Sep 14th
When We're Deep Enough In Love Poem wishful_thinking Sep 14th
I hate the words she writes... Poem brokenfairy Sep 15th
Liberty for Oil Poem timbiondollo Sep 15th
LIES IN YOUR EYES Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 15th
CATS Poem chris Children Sep 15th
The 51st State Poem dakotadarkhorse 1 Political Sep 15th
America Astray Poem dakotadarkhorse Political Sep 15th
Museum Quality Poem eleutheria0501 Imagery Sep 15th
Times Poem geneconner2008 Sep 15th
There are days Poem geneconner2008 Sep 15th
My Last Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 15th
Someone Is ... Poem greenmeadow Being Loved Sep 15th
Sailing Our Dreams Away Poem greenmeadow Being Loved Sep 15th
The Same Place Poem mar 1 Lost love Sep 15th
The Wild Places of the Earth Poem maybethistime Mythology Sep 15th
Master of My Emotions Poem maybethistime Sep 15th
wondering Poem mylovep0etry Sep 15th
make believe-06' Poem oh_so_odd Sep 15th
It’s an up and down battle Poem ozzypoemgirl 2 Sep 15th
I wish there was something I could do Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Sep 15th
The brave Indian and his pen. Poem ozzypoemgirl Sep 15th
SCRUMPTIOUS TANTALIZATION Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 15th
KNEE DEEP AND HEART SORE Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 15th
THE MORE NARROW FOOTED PATH Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 15th
drinks and drinks Poem paradisealone Sep 15th
* Hakiu * Poem poetvg 1 Sep 15th
As The Years Go By Poem scorpion1977 Commentary Sep 15th
Kaboom Poem strangelittleboy Sep 15th
شعارات على حافة إمرأه Poem tariqasrawi Sep 15th
MOON'S ODE Poem trivking64 Beauty Sep 15th
Kiss Poem ultimprv Abstract Sep 15th
To Sasuke The Awesomest Anime Dude Poem victoire 1 Fantasies Sep 15th
Birds Poem wemni 4 Sep 15th
You were spoken Poem wisdomscry Sep 15th
Eating My Cheese Poem Letty467 Other Sep 15th
MY CAT Poem chris Nature/Environment Sep 16th
IF I ONLY HAD A PRINTER Poem chris 1 Children Sep 16th
My hatefull prayer Poem cutegurl1316 2 Anger NonViolent Sep 16th
ثرثرة فوق الجرح Poem eslam Sep 16th
The moon reminded me Poem fighter4life religion Sep 16th
Beauty of the rain Poem fighter4life Nature/Environment Sep 16th
Guided By Voices Poem forgeteden 1 Sep 16th
poem_151_Silver_Lake Poem h1s4k0 Other Sep 16th
poem_152_Hisako_Pack Poem h1s4k0 2 Awakening Sep 16th
poem_148_Easily Poem h1s4k0 Abstract Sep 16th
poem_149_Lover-s_Creed Poem h1s4k0 love Sep 16th
poem_150_Adulation Poem h1s4k0 Bittersweet Sep 16th
MY WISH FOR YOU Poem ladydp2000 friendship Sep 16th
THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING Poem ladydp2000 Happiness Sep 16th
PAIN Poem ladydp2000 Pain/Sorrow Sep 16th
DAYDREAMING Poem ladydp2000 2 confusion Sep 16th
MY WISH FOR YOU Poem ladydp2000 friendship Sep 16th
who am i Poem link Sep 16th
let me love you again Poem link Being Loved Sep 16th
on my own Poem mylovep0etry Book Review Poetry Sep 16th
they'll love you - 06 Poem oh_so_odd Sep 16th
TRAVERSING TIME LOVE AND FEAR Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 16th
Sometimes Poem rlbstar1 Sep 16th
Prince Charming Poem sunkist7210 1 Sep 16th
In God’s Plan Poem trumpet7 inspiration Sep 16th
ICED TEARS Poem vettie Sep 16th
Yawn Poem anexod Sep 17th
Make It Better Poem anexod Sep 17th
Standing Upright Never Felt So Great Poem anexod Sep 17th
StarFighter's Theme Song Poem anexod Sep 17th
Glory Day Poem anexod 1 Sep 17th
The Final Showing Poem anexod Sep 17th
Early Retirement Poem Megsamoo00 Escapism Sep 17th
WHAT AM I? Poem chris Children Sep 17th
MY CAT DID IT Poem chris 1 Children Sep 17th
Frigid Flame of Freedom (chronicles of corruption and tales of tragedy) Poem dakotadarkhorse Sep 17th
The Goddess Trivia Poem davidwalters Articles Sep 17th
Are you really leaving Poem elliot_jordan2003 Sep 17th
September 16th, dude. Poem juliothegreat Sep 17th
Letter to him, 18th Sept 2006 Poem katrinea 2 love Sep 17th
MY TEDDY BEAR Poem ladydp2000 1 Fantasy/Magic Sep 17th
DAYDREAMING Poem ladydp2000 Bittersweet Sep 17th
SOMETHING GOOD Poem ladydp2000 romance Sep 17th
HIGH AND LOW Poem ladydp2000 Bittersweet Sep 17th
PETER PAN Poem ladydp2000 Fantasy/Magic Sep 17th
PAST THE MOON Poem ladydp2000 Fantasy/Magic Sep 17th
can we go back Poem mylovep0etry 1 Sep 17th
what if Poem mylovep0etry Sep 17th
City Lights, Starry Night Poem DarkStatic Nature/Environment Sep 17th
la la la Poem o0oqtkato0o Sep 17th
SEA OF DETAIL Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 17th
Incest Poem perception Abuse Sep 17th
I'll be there....always Poem poetic_kylie Awakening Sep 17th
Above the planes Poem ruth_x_less 1 Bizarre Sep 17th
A WALK IN THE PARK Poem teresa_r 1 Sep 17th
Beliefs Poem wishful_thinking Sep 17th
She Has Finally Come Out Poem ashaumyan 1 bisexual love Sep 18th
To Whom It May Concern (Rhyme) Poem bluewave 1 sadness Sep 18th
Tempest Poem bluewave 2 Anger Violent Sep 18th
Give me? Poem brownelizard Sep 18th
Inspiration Poem ghostwriter_1900 Sep 18th
I need you Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 18th
Unreachable Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 18th
Death Doesnt Part Poem gothic_fairy_ love Sep 18th
Never Let You Go Poem gothic_fairy_ love Sep 18th
Never Enough Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 18th
Nothing Poem gothic_fairy_ love Sep 18th
Your Eyes Poem gothic_fairy_ love Sep 18th
Ashes Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 18th
Boy In Black.. Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 18th
A Star Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 18th
Prisoner of Word Poem grahf Sep 18th
Time for Homecoming Poem jgupta Sep 18th
End Poem kyoksil Sep 18th
Perfect World Poem kyoksil Sep 18th
i divine love of a realised master Poem loves_da_way Meditation/Zen Sep 18th
A Will to Feed Poem maybethistime Unrequited Love Sep 18th
BELIEVED AND UNDERSTOOD Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 18th
THE PAPER KING Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 18th
FIELD OF COMMON Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 18th
COPACETIC Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 18th
The Wrong Card Poem phil_carcione Sep 18th
Empty Silence Poem raminastar 2 Sep 18th
My love gift-wrapped with a ribbon Poem ruth_x_less Sep 18th
Is It Love? Poem samantha_ann love Sep 18th
دراسة نقدية لديوان الشاعر محجوب شريف "الأطفال والعساكر Poem sudan Acrostic Sep 18th
MOON LIGHT Poem teresa_r Sep 18th
Cycle of Demise Poem traxaddict Sep 18th
Storm Poem wishful_thinking Sep 18th
Damgo (Dream) Poem bluewave 1 dreams Sep 19th
Chaotic Thrill Poem bluewave 1 Abuse Sep 19th
Happiness is -- Poem bluewave 1 Happiness Sep 19th
Tomodachi (Friend) Poem bluewave 1 Sep 19th
Chingu (Friend) Poem bluewave 1 Sep 19th
Uncontrollable Poem bluewave 2 Sin Sep 19th
The Broken Box on the Moon Poem bluewave 1 Sep 19th
The Ocean City Poem timbiondollo Sep 19th
Despondent Poem cathycavalcante 1 Loneliness Sep 19th
I'M GOING TO THE LIBRARY Poem chris 1 Children Sep 19th
BARN DANCE Poem chris 1 Children Sep 19th
CHAINSAW Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 19th
YOU CAN COME AND BABYSIT ME Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 19th
Meant To Be Poem crazyandlovingit420 Sep 19th
Regret Poem crazyandlovingit420 Sep 19th
See You In HELL!!! Poem crazyandlovingit420 Sep 19th
The Last Time Poem crazyandlovingit420 Sep 19th
3 Short unnammed Poems Poem crazyandlovingit420 Sep 19th
Time Will Only Tell Poem crazyandlovingit420 Sep 19th
Torn Poem crazyandlovingit420 Sep 19th
Uncle Buzzy Poem crazyandlovingit420 Sep 19th
What Do You See? Poem crazyandlovingit420 Sep 19th
How Have I? Poem deathflavoredgum Sep 19th
Sinister Poem emadjav Sep 19th
the coming Poem essex Sep 19th
My Perfection Poem forgeteden 1 Sep 19th
The feeling that something Poem geneconner2008 Sep 19th
Crazy to think Poem geneconner2008 Sep 19th
Friend always Poem geneconner2008 Sep 19th
Standing Alone Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 19th
Sweet Misery Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 19th
I can't imagine Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 19th
Betrayel Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 19th
Colours Of Life.. Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 19th
Falling Under.. Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 19th
Fleeting Time Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 19th
Game Of Love Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 19th
I will wait Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 19th
Overrated Perfection Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 19th
Sweet Sorrow Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 19th
The Fire Poem gothic_fairy_ Abstract Sep 19th
Every tear I cry, I wish you twenty. Poem jessadawn Sep 19th
Daniel christopher. Poem jessadawn Sep 19th
Step-by-Step Some Mess Poem jgupta Sep 19th
Courage Walks Poem jgupta Abstract Sep 19th
Rain down Poem justme4him Sep 19th
The Time Has Come Poem justme4him Sep 19th
always the same Poem kaibabe88 Depression Sep 19th