Monthly Archive for July 2006

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Love Poem lioninwinter68 Jul 25th
The Handyman Friend Poem Spiker_Mike friendship Jul 25th
Drinking to... Poem misunderstoodshadow Jul 25th
The Reason For An Ordinary World... Poem misunderstoodshadow Abstract Jul 25th
"i guess" Poem oh_so_odd Jul 25th
THINKING OF JOB Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 25th
INTIMATE CONFESSIONS Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 25th
THE GLANCE AND THE GAME Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 25th
UNTIL YOU SAY NO Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 25th
THE TWO OF YOU Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 25th
Final Escape Poem poeticangeltears84 1 Jul 25th
Mommy Dearest Poem poeticangeltears84 Jul 25th
Waterfall Poem twisted_reality42 Haiku Jul 25th
i was digging you Poem wisdomscry Jul 25th
Today, I am Poem wnature 2 Jul 25th
Dare To Dream Poem butterflykisses7927 Being Loved Jul 26th
Hidden Poem butterflykisses7927 Bittersweet Jul 26th
Torn Pages Poem butterflykisses7927 Memories Jul 26th
Tears Poem butterflykisses7927 Rejection Jul 26th
Darkness Poem butterflykisses7927 sadness Jul 26th
If You Believe Poem butterflykisses7927 Hope Jul 26th
I Miss You Poem butterflykisses7927 Lost love Jul 26th
Far from Ordinary Poem butterflykisses7927 New Love Jul 26th
Doorways Poem butterflykisses7927 2 Awakening Jul 26th
Thoughts Poem butterflykisses7927 Breaking Up Jul 26th
A Ripple In Time Poem calculigirl03 Jul 26th
PAGODA/WWRN?1233p/25/julllyy/tu/06 Poem catherine Jul 26th
*What Else Can You Do?* Poem crimsonangel Jul 26th
LOVE DEFINED Poem drangel 1 Abstract Jul 26th
MMMMM NASTY CANDY Poem ebonyblessings 1 Jul 26th
PRICKS Poem ebonyblessings Jul 26th
IN HER SHOES Poem ebonyblessings Poetry/Writing Jul 26th
Nothing New Poem elham Jul 26th
Ally Poem emadjav Jul 26th
I would gave anything Poem geneconner2008 Jul 26th
قراءة القاص كاظم حسوني Poem gulizaranwar Abstract Jul 26th
"The Darker Side of You" Poem jade_moon Jul 26th
Eyes of the Beholder Poem Falling_Raindrops Jul 26th
Reality Poem Falling_Raindrops Jul 26th
Red Nightmares Poem Falling_Raindrops Jul 26th
Screaming Silence Poem Falling_Raindrops Jul 26th
Promise Poem Falling_Raindrops Jul 26th
Journey Inward Poem Falling_Raindrops Jul 26th
Newsflash Poem Falling_Raindrops Jul 26th
'06 I Didn't See it Then Poem Joel 1 Jul 26th
~True Love Only Lasts A Lifetime~ Poem juggalettebabi2005 Jul 26th
Robbed Poem juliothegreat Jul 26th
Chainsaw Cagle Poem lavalady 1 Jul 26th
Salt Poem lavalady Jul 26th
CRACK IN THE WALL Poem Makezela 3 Jul 26th
WAITING Poem Makezela 1 Jul 26th
Its raining again... Poem misunderstoodshadow Jul 26th
My thoughts on the movie world trade center. Poem ozzypoemgirl Jul 26th
Why I love you Poem ozzypoemgirl Jul 26th
MINOR DULL DETAILS Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 26th
WHAT IS MAGIC Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 26th
THE KEEPING Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 26th
Ballerina Poem red_razor Jul 26th
Becoming Poem red_razor 1 Jul 26th
Cake Poem red_razor Jul 26th
Constance Poem red_razor Jul 26th
Juliet Poem red_razor Jul 26th
Mastering The Art Of Sinning Poem red_razor Jul 26th
Mourning Poem red_razor Jul 26th
Simply Understanding Complex Goodbyes Poem red_razor Jul 26th
Spoiled The Ending Poem red_razor Jul 26th
Unfinished Puzzles Poem red_razor Jul 26th
Would You? Poem red_razor Jul 26th
Symbiosis Poem shazi love Jul 26th
Things Become Combustible Poem Sivus Abuse Jul 26th
Spiriling Truth Poem Vamprose Jul 26th
right Poem voighdt Acceptance Jul 26th
One True Soldier Poem Juliet Jul 26th
(Poem not yet titled or fully finished) Poem Juliet Jul 26th
Somber Skyline Serendipity Poem 3879 Nature/Environment Jul 27th
Poetic Prison of Your Opinion Poem timbiondollo Jul 27th
Scattered Reflections Poem crimsonqueen dreams Jul 27th
Eroding Stones Poem damien 1 Jul 27th
KEEPSAKE-II Poem drangel 1 Passion Jul 27th
Unstoppable Poem exthias1983 Faith Jul 27th
Upon a Couch, Atrophy Poem eyesofsociety Jul 27th
Outspoken Poem fighter4life Faith Jul 27th
Bloodshed Poem fighter4life religion Jul 27th
Spiders Poem forgeteden 3 Jul 27th
Picture Frame Poem gottgehirn Jul 27th
Thanks for Nothing Poem gottgehirn Jul 27th
There Is Always Hope Poem heirius Jul 27th
/+/ Lady Rae In The Bookstore Poem Starward 3 friendship Jul 27th
Valley of Tears Poem Falling_Raindrops Jul 27th
'06 Calm your Horms! Poem Joel 1 Jul 27th
give me apples or give me death... Poem kayspoems Jul 27th
What Is Love? Poem Anonymous Jul 27th
"By The Window!" Poem Nediot Jul 27th
"the falling" Poem Nediot Jul 27th
Death the Ever-Romantic Poem msdarkness 1 death Jul 27th
9p.m. last night. Poem ozzypoemgirl Jul 27th
My views on Ruth’s poem about the heart! Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Jul 27th
SO BURNS ON THE BRIDGE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 27th
TWIN DESIRES Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 27th
dog days of summer Poem pikurpoison Awakening Jul 27th
Love never dies, when it comes to you. Poem ruth_x_less Being Loved Jul 27th
See Me Poem wishful_thinking Jul 27th
Zoroaster Poem dblackthorne death Jul 28th
DISSIMULATION Poem drangel 4 Abstract Jul 28th
Through those eyes Poem geneconner2008 Jul 28th
I donot know how Poem geneconner2008 Jul 28th
Your addiction, your affliction Poem grahf Jul 28th
Said Just In Case Poem icifan Jul 28th
The Silent Struggle Poem msdarkness Jul 28th
So alone Poem nighthawk21 Jul 28th
To Alicia Nixon Poem ozzypoemgirl Jul 28th
THE ENCHANTED'S ENCHANTRESS Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 28th
GRIEVANCE AND GRATITUDE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 28th
HEART Poem peggikaye Jul 28th
To Do it Again Poem kick.ass.lass Jul 28th
Fuck Frist Love Poem shygirl184202005 Pain/Sorrow Jul 28th
To Someone I Love Poem shygirl184202005 love Jul 28th
diferent worlds Poem vatchejames 1 Jul 28th
A Twist Of A Balloon Poem spiritallover Bizarre Jul 28th
A New Life Poem spiritallover love Jul 28th
Fantasma Poem strangelittleboy Jul 28th
Mr Always Wrong Poem strangelittleboy Jul 28th
Ottimismo Poem strangelittleboy 1 Jul 28th
I'm Not Through With You Yet Poem the7bs 1 Jul 28th
Dark: Nature and Mind Poem the7bs 1 Jul 28th
Countdown Begins Poem wishful_thinking Jul 28th
Beauty Poem 41tulips Jul 29th
My Heart and Your Heart Poem 41tulips Jul 29th
Where Have My Friends Gone? Poem 41tulips Jul 29th
THE GUN Poem ltsaunders Suicide Jul 29th
Revelation comes in various ways. Poem blumentopf 1 Jul 29th
Two Different Ones Poem brownelizard Jul 29th
Looking at the Earth from the Moon Poem brownelizard Jul 29th
A Soul Speaks...And Is Heard Poem cathycavalcante Tributes/Odes Jul 29th
The Unknown Poem fo0l4u Jul 29th
London Poem fo0l4u Jul 29th
The fourth world Poem fo0l4u Jul 29th
Love So Divine Poem greenmeadow love Jul 29th
"Rancid Heart" Poem jade_moon Jul 29th
Tiny Wings Poem jelli_jam26 Spirituality Jul 29th
Yearn for You Poem jwc82490 love Jul 29th
DAY TWELVE Poem ladydp2000 War Jul 29th
ALL SAID AND DONE Poem ladydp2000 War Jul 29th
I LOVE YOU NOW SO VERY MUCH MORE Poem ladydp2000 romance Jul 29th
FROM BAD TO WORSE Poem ladydp2000 War Jul 29th
FOREVER Poem ladydp2000 1 love Jul 29th
CREATING MEMORIES Poem ladydp2000 1 Memories Jul 29th
Her Life Has Fallen Apart Poem lovelymissrai Jul 29th
Lost and Confused Poem lovelymissrai Jul 29th
Mathemagics Hado Poem merkaba11 Abstract Jul 29th
Three Way Tie Poem merkaba11 Abstract Jul 29th
Upside Always Down I: Green Envy in Four Corners Poem merkaba11 Abstract Jul 29th
Upside Always Down II: Skeleton Pill & The Aztec Escalator Poem merkaba11 Abstract Jul 29th
Truth Poem mfernau Reality Jul 29th
Twins Poem poemdragon Jul 29th
Don't like your friends. Poem ruth_x_less Endurance Jul 29th
You Were My Life Poem shygirl184202005 Jul 29th
Amore Poem somefatguy Jul 29th
I Let You In Poem spf Jul 29th
Real Peace Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jul 29th
Highway of Peace Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jul 29th
Enlightenment Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jul 29th
I PROMISE Poem vickisue37 marriage Jul 29th
IN MY EYES Poem vickisue37 Being Loved Jul 29th
Where Is My Period? Poem brnqueen 1 Word Play Jul 30th
The Ride Poem brnqueen 2 Change/Transition Jul 30th
I AM THE ONE Poem chris Song Lyrics Jul 30th
DID YOU GO TO SLEEP Poem chris Song Lyrics Jul 30th
Let's Do It Poem crazywhytegyrl Jul 30th
Wild Horses Poem flower_child 1 inspiration Jul 30th
Once Upon A Sleepless Night Poem forgeteden 2 Jul 30th
You killed Poem geneconner2008 Jul 30th
Back in the day Poem geneconner2008 Jul 30th
'06 I Spotted Them Poem Joel Jul 30th
REACHING YOUR DREAMS Poem ladydp2000 inspiration Jul 30th
GOD LIVES! Poem ladydp2000 Spirituality Jul 30th
GOD WANTS YOU Poem ladydp2000 Spirituality Jul 30th
Till It Breaks Poem learn_to_be_lonely Jul 30th
MY SELF DESTRUCTIVE SWEET SPIRIT Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 30th
HISTORY POINTS THE FINGER Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 30th
THE WORD Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Jul 30th
the center of my universe Poem somefatguy Jul 30th
a dream Poem somefatguy Jul 30th
Dear God Poem teresa_r 1 Jul 30th
Forbidden You Can See Poem triplehhh Bittersweet Jul 30th
Not the same Poem triplehhh Being Loved Jul 30th
Should have Closed my eyes Poem triplehhh Acceptance Jul 30th
Wrong Too Poem triplehhh Abuse Jul 30th
Half the Lie Poem _jennita_ Jul 30th
Because I Lied Poem Megsamoo00 Pain/Sorrow Jul 31st
Ready Poem coldaugust Change/Transition Jul 31st
Crimson Girl Poem crimsongirl Unrequited Love Jul 31st
Once Again Poem crimsongirl Devastation Jul 31st
No More Poem crimsongirl sadness Jul 31st
Pretty Poem Poem crimsongirl New Love Jul 31st
Nothing to You Poem crimsongirl Unrequited Love Jul 31st
I'm an American...Ergo...I'm an Asshole Poem dakotadarkhorse Political Jul 31st
Close your eyes Poem enolalily 1 Jul 31st
Ending the Game Poem forgeteden 2 Jul 31st
floating through the flames Poem jasinraymond Danger Jul 31st
Not Too Late: A Parable Poem lioninwinter68 Jul 31st
`TV land` Poem mack619 Apathy Jul 31st
Unsure Poem ninesevenoh4 Jul 31st
UNDER PRIDE'S THUMB Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 31st
ECLIPSED Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 31st
cloudy day man Poem significance_of_2 Jul 31st
dig Poem significance_of_2 Jul 31st
In Dreams I Walk With You Poem strangelittleboy Jul 31st
Second Rock Poem strangelittleboy Jul 31st
pegs&pieces=slots Poem voighdt Addiction Jul 31st