Monthly Archive for July 2006

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Disharmony Poem greenmeadow Betrayal Jul 19th
Where am I at after the fall? Poem jpstheophany Spirituality Jul 19th
Lying Right Beside Her Poem jpstheophany romance Jul 19th
From the Dagger to the Mausoleum Poem jmbarrett19 1 Jul 19th
JUDAS! O JUDAS! Poem Makezela 2 Jul 19th
MONKEY MURMUR Poem Makezela 1 Jul 19th
AT THE ALTAR OF SACRIFICE Poem Makezela 2 Jul 19th
Vanity Poem simmerdownsally Jul 19th
counterfeit smile Poem simmerdownsally Jul 19th
AIN'T LOVE SWEET Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 19th
STORMY VEILS Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 19th
A NUDGE FOR SELF RELEASE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 19th
CRUSHES Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 19th
"Always Remember, I Love You" Poem passionaterider Jul 19th
Ode to Captain Jack Poem phil_carcione Jul 19th
My Love is Untitled Poem ryan_07_smith Jul 19th
It's What You Do Poem ryan_07_smith Soul mates Jul 19th
Every Night Poem ryan_07_smith Jul 19th
My Woeful Song Poem ryan_07_smith Jul 19th
in my bed Poem shesmybabybear 1 Jul 19th
Coming Around Poem suzy86 Jul 19th
out of sight Poem vazb 1 Jul 19th
Finally Know Poem wishful_thinking Jul 19th
The Edge Of Love Poem wishful_thinking Jul 19th
Take The Sickle And Cut It Down Poem wishful_thinking Jul 19th
Chance Encounter Poem wretched_truth Abuse Jul 19th
Black Widow Poem wretched_truth Bittersweet Jul 19th
(*04) Emily's Memory Poem yellowspecks 2 Jul 19th
THIS CROSS UPON MY CHEST Poem TeagueLChesed Jul 20th
GOD, THIS AIN'T NO JOKE Poem TeagueLChesed Jul 20th
Take it all away Poem blueeyes Jul 20th
breathe Poem brokenangel17 Jul 20th
The Masterpiece Poem brokenfairy Jul 20th
Lips Like Morphine Poem Megsamoo00 Kiss/Kissing Jul 20th
The Heartache of Falling in Love Poem dakotadarkhorse 1 Lost love Jul 20th
The World Poem daydreamingdragon Escapism Jul 20th
A Place In My Mind That I Visit Poem daydreamingdragon Escapism Jul 20th
Under the Bed, Insomnia Poem eyesofsociety Jul 20th
Painless Poem forgeteden Jul 20th
Revan's Lyric Poem forgeteden 1 Jul 20th
I'm Not Worth It Poem forgeteden 1 Jul 20th
War Poem foxgloves 1 War Jul 20th
Swinging Melody Poem foxgloves 1 Suicide Jul 20th
Maybe Isn't Enough Poem foxgloves 1 lesbian love Jul 20th
The Vampire In Me Poem foxgloves 2 Dark Jul 20th
Childhood Gone Poem foxgloves 1 Other Jul 20th
Mine Poem foxgloves 1 Other Jul 20th
The Blood Countess Poem foxgloves 1 death Jul 20th
Your friendship means the world to me Poem geneconner2008 Jul 20th
Secondhand Smoke Poem grahf Jul 20th
Remember Poem katyo3 Jul 20th
Words with meaning Poem niltak Jul 20th
tired Poem no_ordinary_chick 1 Jul 20th
If I could turn back time Poem otierney Betrayal Jul 20th
Toxic Angel Poem otierney Abstract Jul 20th
My Sight Poem playbunny Abstract Jul 20th
Better Than Me Poem twilight_stranger inspiration Jul 20th
Unselfishly Poem wishful_thinking Jul 20th
Asleep Poem wretched_truth Fear Jul 20th
Gargoyles Poem wretched_truth Memories Jul 20th
Final Silence Poem wretched_truth Breaking Up Jul 20th
Awake Poem wretched_truth Fear Jul 20th
Confessional Poem wretched_truth Acceptance Jul 20th
Jasmine Garden Poem wretched_truth Pain/Sorrow Jul 20th
Mirror Image Poem wretched_truth Dark Jul 20th
Servitude Poem wretched_truth dreams Jul 20th
Without Poem wretched_truth Loneliness Jul 20th
__ Erica__ Poem alihekal Jul 21st
I Was Only A Child *Warning* Poem Megsamoo00 1 Abuse Jul 21st
SONGBIRDS Poem chris Nature/Environment Jul 21st
NEXT Poem chris 1 Abstract Jul 21st
LEAVING Poem chris Song Lyrics Jul 21st
GOING EAST Poem chris Song Lyrics Jul 21st
SHE DID'NT EVEN SAY GOODBYE Poem chris Song Lyrics Jul 21st
Weird Magnetic Poetry Poems Poem daydreamingdragon 1 Abstract Jul 21st
Nightmare Kiss Poem daydreamingdragon death Jul 21st
How Do You Love? Poem dhicks01 Jul 21st
Bestfriends pt2 Poem edwardg3 Pain/Sorrow Jul 21st
What i did wrong Poem edwardg3 Acceptance Jul 21st
Something about you Poem edwardg3 Acceptance Jul 21st
Vampire Lust Poem emadjav Jul 21st
DXM 3 Poem ethezube Abstract Jul 21st
Don't Forget To Kill Me Poem forgeteden 1 Jul 21st
A poem to all of my friends Poem geneconner2008 friendship Jul 21st
You and me Poem geneconner2008 Jul 21st
Theft XOXO Poem jwc82490 Depression Jul 21st
If You Only Knew Poem katyo3 Jul 21st
angels Poem lilliepuss Angels Jul 21st
Alicia Poem lilliepuss friendship Jul 21st
compassion Poem lilliepuss Compassion Jul 21st
loneliness Poem lilliepuss Jul 21st
friendship Poem lilliepuss 2 friendship Jul 21st
The Creator Poem lilliepuss religion Jul 21st
suicide Poem lilliepuss Suicide Jul 21st
our song Poem lilliepuss Lost love Jul 21st
nature Poem lilliepuss Nature/Environment Jul 21st
teardrop freeze-frame Poem lilliepuss Suicide Jul 21st
Mayella's memory Poem lilliepuss Book Review Poetry Jul 21st
lost Poem lilliepuss Culture/Society Jul 21st
monkeys Poem lilliepuss Jul 21st
Pure devotion Poem lilliepuss Pets/Animals Jul 21st
a pot Poem lilliepuss 1 religion Jul 21st
faith Poem lilliepuss Faith Jul 21st
untold dream Poem lilliepuss Fantasy/Magic Jul 21st
love is Poem lilliepuss love Jul 21st
bad man Poem lilliepuss Abuse Jul 21st
fishie Poem lilliepuss Life/Living Jul 21st
hate kills innocent lives Poem lilliepuss Race/Ethnicity Jul 21st
somnambulist Poem lilliepuss Jul 21st
the world Poem lilliepuss religion Jul 21st
Donnie Poem lilliepuss friendship Jul 21st
2 min. Poem lilliepuss Jul 21st
tulips Poem lilliepuss Beauty Jul 21st
drinking and driving Poem lilliepuss Drugs Jul 21st
Black Angel Poem lilliepuss Book Review Poetry Jul 21st
to my first boyfriend Poem lilliepuss 1 love Jul 21st
emotionless Poem lilliepuss Emotionless Jul 21st
A struggle Poem lilliepuss religion Jul 21st
The bells Poem lilliepuss Music/Musician Jul 21st
God Poem lilliepuss religion Jul 21st
`Violence` Poem mack619 Jul 21st
THE BITE AS IT BIT Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 21st
A COWARDLY COME UPANCE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 21st
ARRESTED VERSE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 21st
Deadwood Whore Poem phil_carcione Jul 21st
True to You Poem poetictragedy000 Jul 21st
prison cell Poem shesmybabybear Jul 21st
the moral race Poem shesmybabybear Jul 21st
Suffocation by Tears Poem VJB Change/Transition Jul 21st
Simply Yours Poem tekno 1 Jul 21st
Untitled -- 3.4.2009 Poem tekno Jul 21st
'Dashii ne' Poem Facade Decisions Jul 21st
Untitled -- 7.21.2006 Poem Facade Cinquain Poetry Jul 21st
Are we too lost? Poem Facade 1 Speeches Jul 21st
D��ja viewed Fata Morgana Poem Facade Bittersweet Jul 21st
'Waratte' Poem Facade Abstract Jul 21st
Lost her mind Poem Facade 1 Devastation Jul 21st
Far From You Poem wishful_thinking Jul 21st
My Fate Poem yaramo Jul 21st
Shiver on the windowsill Poem Jayne 1 Loneliness Jul 21st
Purpose Poem timbiondollo Jul 22nd
A CHILD Poem chris Children Jul 22nd
Like the last time Poem coldaugust Jul 22nd
MONO Poem coldaugust Jul 22nd
Heaven In utero Poem coldaugust Jul 22nd
LIMITS Poem drangel 2 Abstract Jul 22nd
INSIGHT Poem drangel 3 Abstract Jul 22nd
ABSOLUTION Poem drangel 5 Abstract Jul 22nd
On My Knees Poem exthias1983 Forgiveness Jul 22nd
All That I Am Poem forgeteden 1 Jul 22nd
Poem to Ashley Poem geneconner2008 Jul 22nd
poem_145_I_Wish Poem h1s4k0 Other Jul 22nd
poem_146_Hate_to_Love Poem h1s4k0 Bittersweet Jul 22nd
poem_147_Apparitions Poem h1s4k0 Abstract Jul 22nd
At Mons Vaticanus Poem Starward 1 History/Past Jul 22nd
CHASING YOUR FRAGRANCE Poem kittymonkey Jul 22nd
NEARER STILL Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 22nd
A VERY SURPRISING CONFESSION Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 22nd
Dead Man's Gun Poem phil_carcione Jul 22nd
Riddle This! Poem phil_carcione Jul 22nd
Nature of Love Poem qt_poet New Love Jul 22nd
My day Poem ruth_x_less 1 Self-doubt Jul 22nd
just a melody Poem somefatguy Jul 22nd
something i found in my closet Poem somefatguy Jul 22nd
You Poem xvrainvx 1 Song Lyrics Jul 22nd
!!! نقطة واحدة !!! Poem asaihati Jul 23rd
The Everlasting King Poem bluecollarclay 2 religion Jul 23rd
Something In His Eyes Poem cathycavalcante Tributes/Odes Jul 23rd
My BIO Poem coldaugust Jul 23rd
THE BIAS Poem drangel Abstract Jul 23rd
This poem for Poem geneconner2008 Jul 23rd
Being with you Poem geneconner2008 Jul 23rd
Building bridges Poem geneconner2008 Jul 23rd
Enter my mind Poem inuyasha_1234 Dark Jul 23rd
Lunatic Appeal Poem jgupta Jul 23rd
Salta Poem kyoksil Jul 23rd
Waiting for your arrival Poem ladydragus 1 Jul 23rd
a stranger i use to know Poem no_ordinary_chick Jul 23rd
It’s not just about having Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Jul 23rd
Roses are red Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Jul 23rd
My thoughts on how we look at life. Poem ozzypoemgirl Jul 23rd
SECRET HURT AND WAR Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 23rd
SISTERS BY BLOOD Poem pattyspassion family Jul 23rd
Just a Dream Poem snickerdoodles dreams Jul 23rd
Karma Poem xephornite Jul 23rd
To find love Poem xxchachaxx Jul 23rd
Lifes Imperfections Poem xxchachaxx Jul 23rd
(*06) Emily's Anger Poem yellowspecks 2 Jul 23rd
(*05) Emily's Chair Poem yellowspecks 2 Jul 23rd
Fish Poem angelicgothfurry Jul 24th
Web Poem angelicgothfurry Jul 24th
Water Poem angelicgothfurry Jul 24th
Trees Poem angelicgothfurry Jul 24th
Paths Poem angelicgothfurry Jul 24th
Of Devils and Angels Poem blueeyes Jul 24th
The King of Love my Shepherd is Poem blumentopf Jul 24th
Lonely (Its my fault) Poem broken4thelasttime Jul 24th
To my Mother: I'm sorry Poem broken4thelasttime Jul 24th
I'd do anything, everything Poem broken4thelasttime Jul 24th
If he only knew Poem broken_n_2_girl Being Loved Jul 24th
The Path Less Traveled Poem calculigirl03 Jul 24th
You Give Me Summer Feelings Poem chalupa67 Jul 24th
SHE'S ALWAYS RIGHT Poem chris Song Lyrics Jul 24th
HERE WE ARE Poem chris Song Lyrics Jul 24th
*Tainted* Poem crimsonangel Jul 24th
Soles of our Souls Poem dakotadarkhorse Decisions Jul 24th
THE LONE WITNESS Poem drangel Abstract Jul 24th
Underground I, II Poem eyesofsociety Jul 24th
No phone Poem h9515 Jul 24th
Once forever Poem h9515 2 Jul 24th
ch.1 of THE SENT OF MAGICAL BLOOD my new book Poem jacey Jul 24th
Mint Sauce Poem jerseyteacher Comedy/Humor Jul 24th
A Jam Donut for Dessert. Poem jerseyteacher 1 Sonnets Jul 24th
Thoughts From ladyreck Poem ladyreck Jul 24th
awaken my eyes Poem lilliepuss Faith Jul 24th
After All This Time Poem lioninwinter68 Jul 24th
Let It Be Love Poem Anonymous Jul 24th
`A wee Dram` Poem mack619 death Jul 24th
Untitled -- 7.24.2006 Poem ninesevenoh4 Jul 24th
"click here to support" Poem oh_so_odd Jul 24th
I think my cousin tried to hide the fact he was down Poem ozzypoemgirl Jul 24th
DEEP AND QUIET Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 24th
Car Crashes and Murder Mysteries Poem underoathxfinch Memories Jul 24th
Peek-A-Boo Poem wisdomscry Jul 24th
Standing still Poem wisdomscry Jul 24th
Show Me What You Say Poem wisdomscry Jul 24th
Na Maitreas Poem __teenagekicks regret Jul 24th
Vai Via... Poem __teenagekicks Bittersweet Jul 24th
Little Acorns. Mighty Oaks. Poem __teenagekicks Jul 24th
This guy Poem asianaggie2001 1 confusion Jul 25th
AN OPEN BOOK Poem TeagueLChesed Jul 25th
TREASURE IN THE SAND Poem TeagueLChesed Jul 25th
The Secret Key to get out... Poem beiyin Awakening Jul 25th
I KNOW YOU LOVE ME Poem chris 1 Song Lyrics Jul 25th
Sweet Revenge Poem dancing_corpse18 Revenge Jul 25th
Insomnia Poem dancing_corpse18 Insomnia/Restless Jul 25th
Random Rant of 7/24/06 Poem daydreamingdragon dreams Jul 25th
The New Anthem Poem drangel 2 Abstract Jul 25th
Deja Vu Poem drangel 2 Abstract Jul 25th
LIFE Poem drangel Abstract Jul 25th
SOUVENIR Poem drangel Beauty Jul 25th
the pine Poem essex 1 Jul 25th
stammer Poem essex Jul 25th
when Poem essex Jul 25th
secure Poem essex Jul 25th
Defeated Poem forgeteden 1 Jul 25th
And Yet. Poem foxgloves 1 Other Jul 25th
My Love Finds A Home Poem greenmeadow Being Loved Jul 25th
Death by Heartbreak (And a .45) Poem jwc82490 death Jul 25th
Love Poem lioninwinter68 Jul 25th