Monthly Archive for July 2006

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
not with a bang, but silently Poem shesmybabybear Jul 12th
on my own Poem shesmybabybear Jul 12th
Safe Penetration Poem strumbles06 Jul 12th
Call the Man ... Poem unrulyspring Jul 12th
وثائقية جون فاولز المشوقة Poem alahmed Abstract Jul 13th
ذاكرةُ عمر في حكاية شعر Poem alahmed Jul 13th
حلمٌ عراقي قد يتحقق Poem alahmed Jul 13th
ط§ظ„ظ…ظ‡ط¬ط±ظٹظ† ظ…ظ† ط§ظ„ط¹ط±ط¨ ط§ظ„ظ‰ ط§ظ„ظ… Poem alihseen Jul 13th
A Short Story Poem missmichelle Jul 13th
Better Left Unsaid Poem calculigirl03 Jul 13th
You Don't Know Me Poem Megsamoo00 1 Individuality Jul 13th
MY BABY KNOWS Poem chris love Jul 13th
I GO ON SINGING MY SONG Poem chris Song Lyrics Jul 13th
Locked Up (not finished) Poem deethepoet Jul 13th
Gentleness Poem distantdreams Lost love Jul 13th
Confessions of Those Who Wait Forever Poem forgeteden 1 Jul 13th
Razorblade Kisses Poem forgeteden 1 Jul 13th
Holding you Poem geneconner2008 Jul 13th
Love Proclaimed Poem greenmeadow love Jul 13th
~Jeremiah Lynn Connelly~ Poem juggalettebabi2005 Lost love Jul 13th
Just Let Your Feelings Come out In The Way You Write Poem juggalettebabi2005 love Jul 13th
Struggle for Salvation Poem jwc82490 1 religion Jul 13th
Ephemeral Poem jmbarrett19 Jul 13th
Collapse Poem jmbarrett19 1 Jul 13th
Painted Picture Poem jmbarrett19 1 Jul 13th
Butterfly Poem jmbarrett19 Jul 13th
Sinking In The Shadows Poem jmbarrett19 1 Jul 13th
She Cries For Him Poem jmbarrett19 2 Jul 13th
Roses Arent Red Forever Poem Paesano 1 Jul 13th
Mom please? Poem ozzypoemgirl Jul 13th
MORBID INFATUATION Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 13th
A SWEET AND SIMPLE SORROW Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 13th
A FLICKER OF A THOUGHT Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 13th
RELAXING THE TIGHTNESS Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 13th
ARMS OPEN Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 13th
A QUESTION ASKED OUT OF MANY Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 13th
UNQUESTIONED ANSWERS Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 13th
THIS WEATHERED WORRY Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Jul 13th
INTIMATE EXPRESSION Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 13th
SCAREDY COUGHIN' CAT(journal #6) Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 13th
STORMS OF ILLUSION Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 13th
Keys To The Kingdom Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jul 13th
How Do They Live Their Life? Poem trumpet7 1 inspiration Jul 13th
Because you are my everything Poem yaramo Jul 13th
Arguing Poem 41tulips Jul 14th
BELIEVE Poem brenda Jul 14th
FEELINGS Poem brenda Jul 14th
BETTER Poem brenda Jul 14th
Save Me From Your Absence Poem Megsamoo00 Dark Love Jul 14th
Razor Blade Kisses *Warning* Poem Megsamoo00 Dark Jul 14th
My Mistake Poem Megsamoo00 Fear Jul 14th
It Hurts Poem Megsamoo00 Existence Jul 14th
Truer Words Poem Megsamoo00 Pain/Sorrow Jul 14th
Smells Like Teen Semen Poem dakotadarkhorse religion Jul 14th
Personal Ad Poem djtj 4 Jul 14th
BESTFRIEND Poem edwardg3 1 Acceptance Jul 14th
The Hood Poem elliot_jordan2003 Jul 14th
Lustful Dreaming. Poem foxgloves 3 Sexual Jul 14th
Angel in my life Poem geneconner2008 Jul 14th
As The Days Go By Poem greenmeadow Endurance Jul 14th
The Purpose Of Life Poem greenmeadow Life/Living Jul 14th
Childhood Poem greenmeadow Children Jul 14th
Cant Let Go Poem hesyourlifelight 1 Jul 14th
CLOTHED BY LOVE Poem kittymonkey Jul 14th
Habitual Grind Poem kiwi_jiwi Addiction Jul 14th
This Angel Hasen't Fallen Yet Poem jmbarrett19 3 Jul 14th
To My Father Poem jmbarrett19 Jul 14th
Untitled -- 7.14.2006 Poem nighthawk21 Jul 14th
A girl in the woods Poem ozzypoemgirl Jul 14th
It broke through Poem ozzypoemgirl Jul 14th
ENTER FURY Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 14th
A STRANGER'S KISS Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 14th
BEFORE THE LION'S ROAR Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 14th
THE CRIMSON COW Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 14th
THE PLIGHT OF THE POCKET COW Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 14th
FORTUNATE TIDE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 14th
FIXED YET STILL BROKEN Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 14th
Hurting Poem phantomsheart Jul 14th
Die Emo's Die Poem phantomsheart Jul 14th
Kay Poem phantomsheart Jul 14th
Two Women Poem phil_carcione Jul 14th
Hold Me Poem mibella_jeze Jul 14th
All the Things One Needs to Know Poem strumbles06 Jul 14th
Cheap Trick Poem strumbles06 Jul 14th
FNX'S LIFE Poem thickynezz Jul 14th
Why Don't You Love Me? Poem torie922 Devastation Jul 14th
The Way She Said She Would Poem wishful_thinking Jul 14th
Tide Of Hesitance Poem wishful_thinking 1 Jul 14th
A Beautiful Morning... for One Poem cassieghotrod Comedy/Humor Jul 15th
TRUE LOVE Poem chris love Jul 15th
A WOMAN ON A BAD BLIND DATE Poem chris love Jul 15th
COUNT THE WAYS I LOVE YOU Poem chris love Jul 15th
Cry of the forlorn child Poem emadjav 1 Jul 15th
Night of the Temptress Poem emadjav Jul 15th
A grim Thoroughfare Poem emadjav Jul 15th
Dream Theater Poem emadjav Jul 15th
Conciliatory Warning Poem emadjav Jul 15th
Fearing the Darkness Poem forgeteden 1 Jul 15th
Empty Silence - Empty Shells Poem forgeteden 1 Jul 15th
You Win Poem forgeteden 1 Jul 15th
Broken Inside Poem foxgloves 1 Other Jul 15th
Just Because Poem foxgloves 1 Change/Transition Jul 15th
Goddess Child Poem foxgloves 2 Other Jul 15th
Masterpiece Of Glass Poem foxgloves 1 lesbian love Jul 15th
The Oak And I Poem foxgloves 1 Nature/Environment Jul 15th
A kiss Poem foxgloves 1 Kiss/Kissing Jul 15th
"Nursery Rhyme" Poem foxgloves 2 Dark Jul 15th
Bleeding Poem foxgloves 1 death Jul 15th
I guess I never Poem geneconner2008 Jul 15th
WHEN LOVE GOES WRONG Poem kittymonkey Jul 15th
JACK IN THE BOX Poem ladydp2000 Other Jul 15th
I STILL BELIEVE IN YOU Poem ladydp2000 love Jul 15th
IN THE BEGINNING Poem ladydp2000 Spirituality Jul 15th
I LOVE YOU FOREVER Poem ladydp2000 love Jul 15th
IT WASN'T Poem ladydp2000 Bittersweet Jul 15th
ONE MORE TIME,ONCE AGAIN Poem ladydp2000 dreams Jul 15th
HOLOCAUST Poem ladydp2000 Dark Jul 15th
UNSEEN Poem ladydp2000 dreams Jul 15th
So Many Times... Poem lovelymissrai Jul 15th
What Do You Want Poem lovelymissrai Jul 15th
Everyday is a Gift Poem lovelymissrai Jul 15th
Love Is... Poem lovelymissrai Jul 15th
A Love so True Poem lovelymissrai Jul 15th
Pectus-Pectoris Poem icifan Jul 15th
نصفُ إغماضه من اجل احتمال ضجيج العالم Poem nawzat Abstract Jul 15th
BULKY FROWN Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 15th
A PROBLEMATIC SOCIETY Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Jul 15th
A WORD FROM THE MURDERED Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 15th
1st Installment (i think) Poem phaloola 1 Jul 15th
:*( * So Crushed To Be Nothing * :*( Poem poetvg Jul 15th
When Cherry Blossoms Were In Season... Poem quadxbard 1 Devotion Jul 15th
Ruminations Poem quadxbard Abstract Jul 15th
Fool Poem torn_and_bleeding sadness Jul 15th
Come To God Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jul 15th
When Light Leaves the Soul Poem xephornite Abstract Jul 15th
Syria Poem yaramo Jul 15th
__ crowed__ Poem alihekal Jul 16th
I Wanna Poem Dracona_Dragonfly 2 Hate Jul 16th
I'LL GO ON SINGING MY SONG II Poem chris Song Lyrics Jul 16th
IN THE SKY Poem chris Nature/Environment Jul 16th
IT'S OUR WEDDING DAY Poem chris love Jul 16th
SHE KNOWS WHERE I AM Poem chris Song Lyrics Jul 16th
DON'T CRY Poem chris 1 Song Lyrics Jul 16th
BUG Poem chris Nature/Environment Jul 16th
I'LL BE THE ONE Poem chris love Jul 16th
MY GIRL Poem chris love Jul 16th
Dear One Poem dhicks01 Jul 16th
Tears and Rain Poem dhicks01 Jul 16th
Three Strange Days Poem dhicks01 Jul 16th
Crystal Soul Poem dhicks01 1 Jul 16th
Be Still Thy Heart and Soul Poem dhicks01 Jul 16th
The World Still Turns Poem dhicks01 Jul 16th
What I Have Become Poem dhicks01 Jul 16th
The First Rose Of Spring Poem dhicks01 Jul 16th
The Hangover Poem dhicks01 Jul 16th
Never will you Poem geneconner2008 Jul 16th
Cache Poem jgupta 1 Jul 16th
Too Easy Poem jwc82490 love Jul 16th
The end of me.... Poem nighthawk21 1 Jul 16th
" do you miss ... me?" Poem oh_so_odd Jul 16th
THE OBVIOUSNESS Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 16th
Journey Poem twisted_reality42 Drugs Jul 16th
a story type thing Poem twisted_reality42 Life/Living Jul 16th
One of a Million Poem twisted_reality42 Abstract Jul 16th
Rape of the Heart Poem Blackbird8916 Other Jul 16th
Inside the Cage Poem Blackbird8916 Jul 16th
Locked Away Poem Blackbird8916 Jul 16th
Step Inside Poem Blackbird8916 Jul 16th
Ave Satanas Poem anarchist_wraith 1 Jul 17th
Epoch of Ruin Poem anarchist_wraith Jul 17th
Nihilist Dream Poem anarchist_wraith Jul 17th
lost Poem Dracona_Dragonfly 2 Jul 17th
Mephistolean Shrieks Poem blumentopf Jul 17th
My Diseases and Disorders Poem Megsamoo00 Cancer/Illness Jul 17th
My Beauty Poem Megsamoo00 1 Beauty Jul 17th
WHERE ARE YOU? Poem chris Song Lyrics Jul 17th
Tributo a mi amor (A tribute to my love) Poem emadjav Jul 17th
Sweet Tangerine Poem flower_child 1 Human Nature Jul 17th
Nocturne Poem forgeteden 1 Jul 17th
Forlorn Love Song Poem forgeteden 1 Jul 17th
Girl all I have Poem geneconner2008 Jul 17th
Faltered Hope of an after Party Poem hatter Drugs Jul 17th
Broken Jaw Poem Paesano 1 Jul 17th
The Waking Dream Poem lioninwinter68 Jul 17th
My Feelings Poem ninesevenoh4 Jul 17th
THE THRILL OF SITTING DOWN Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 17th
ODE TO A SUMMER MORN Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 17th
PRIDE AND PARODY Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 17th
THE CREST OF CAMILLE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 17th
Chasing the Proof Poem phil_carcione Jul 17th
(*12) With Emily on the Bridge Poem yellowspecks 1 Jul 17th
A Sign Poem asherivers 1 Jul 18th
THEY WON'T GO AWAY Poem chris Children Jul 18th
IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT Poem chris Song Lyrics Jul 18th
A GIRL FROM IOWA Poem chris 1 Song Lyrics Jul 18th
I NEVER THOUGHT I COULD FLY Poem chris Song Lyrics Jul 18th
SHE IS MY WORLD Poem chris Song Lyrics Jul 18th
Fusillade of Tears Poem emadjav Jul 18th
The blossoming of my Love Poem emadjav Jul 18th
Last Warning Poem foxgloves 1 Bittersweet Jul 18th
Scorched Wings Poem foxgloves 1 Sexual Jul 18th
Rain, Rain, Come My Way Poem foxgloves 1 Weather/Environment Jul 18th
Walls Poem foxgloves 1 Other Jul 18th
So Easy Poem foxgloves 1 Addiction Jul 18th
The Tango. Poem foxgloves 1 Human Nature Jul 18th
Rose Poem foxgloves 2 Beauty Jul 18th
Watching You. Poem foxgloves 2 lesbian love Jul 18th
Another Day Poem foxgloves 1 Apathy Jul 18th
Cat Nips Poem foxgloves 1 Jul 18th
Forgotten Poem foxgloves 1 Depression Jul 18th
Deathdealers Poem foxgloves 1 Children Jul 18th
I Hope You're Happy Poem foxgloves 2 lesbian love Jul 18th
While they were sleeping Poem foxgloves 1 Fantasy/Magic Jul 18th
My Child Poem foxgloves 1 Song Lyrics Jul 18th
Identity Poem foxgloves 1 Song Lyrics Jul 18th
Mother, oh mother Poem foxgloves 1 Change/Transition Jul 18th
Madness Poem foxgloves 1 Abstract Jul 18th
There is girl I want Poem geneconner2008 Jul 18th
Secret feeling Poem geneconner2008 Jul 18th
Ace of Broken Hearts Poem gottgehirn Jul 18th
Ashes of A Rocket (Safe And Snug) Poem gottgehirn Jul 18th
When We Were Little Poem greenmeadow Children Jul 18th
Two shooting stars collide. Poem jessadawn 1 Jul 18th
...yet to be titled Poem PseudonymTruth 2 Jul 18th
Until Death Do Us Part Poem ninesevenoh4 Jul 18th
YET AGAIN, ALONE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 18th
THIS MAILING WOO Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 18th
A QUIET TANTRUM Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 18th
POOR PLAIN MELISSA JANE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 18th
THE TRAPPINGS OF BEING AN ADULT Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 18th
A SONG OF RAIN REMEMBERED 2006 Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 18th
Dark Knight Poem phil_carcione Jul 18th
Metamorphosis Poem phil_carcione Jul 18th
time to bow out w. grace Poem pikurpoison Acceptance Jul 18th
Strang Love Poem thickynezz Jul 18th
Baptized In His Name Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jul 18th
Heirs Of Our Enemies Poem wishful_thinking Jul 18th
So I am in love Poem yaramo Jul 18th
Last Grain Poem angelicgothfurry Jul 19th
Washing Poem angelicgothfurry Jul 19th
MY TURN Poem chris 1 Abstract Jul 19th
LOVE CONTROLS ME Poem chris Song Lyrics Jul 19th
He Is... Poem distantdreams religion Jul 19th
Out Of Reach... Poem distantdreams dreams Jul 19th
Dreams Poem distantdreams 1 Lost love Jul 19th
Hate Me One Last Time Poem ers Jul 19th
View Poem ers Jul 19th
Hate Me Poem ers Jul 19th
Helios Beach Poem eyesofsociety Jul 19th
Bring on the blessing Poem fighter4life religion Jul 19th