Monthly Archive for May 2005

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Native South Indian Breakfast Poem jgupta May 31st
Sri Sri Ma Saradamoni Poem jgupta May 31st
Counterfoil Poem jgupta May 31st
Untitled -- 5.31.2005 Poem jimini May 31st
My love is gone!!!!! Poem juggalettebabi2005 Betrayal May 31st
Eclipse Poem lillep 1 Loneliness May 31st
"Hazel Eyes!" Poem Nediot 5 May 31st
"A missing step!" Poem Nediot 3 May 31st
Envy and Despair Poem Nate May 31st
Goodnight Poem ozzypoemgirl dreams May 31st
"Holding On" Poem passionaterider 1 May 31st
"Tattooed" Poem passionaterider May 31st
"Ship Of Fools" Poem passionaterider May 31st
Ode to Fellow Classmates Poem perception 1 Goodbye May 31st
Wedding of the sun ray Poem rania_esmat 1 May 31st
Heart Beat Poem shazi 1 love May 31st
Open Your Eyes Poem spf 1 May 31st
raised Poem stonesy May 31st
slight expectation Poem stonesy May 31st
Surgery Poem strumbles06 May 31st
KINDNESS Poem teresa_r 1 May 31st
not anymore. Poem tin_foil_tiaras 1 May 31st
Pages on Yesterday. Poem tin_foil_tiaras May 31st
The Death of a Finch. Poem tin_foil_tiaras May 31st
Wake Up Soul Poem tin_foil_tiaras May 31st
pink pigeons Poem voighdt Abstract May 31st
Bigger than Demise Poem yardesspoetess May 31st