Monthly Archive for May 2005

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
وعد بلفور Poem tariqasrawi May 15th
رسالة هرتزل إلى السلطان عبد الحميد Poem tariqasrawi May 15th
النكبه 1948 Poem tariqasrawi May 15th
القرار 242 Poem tariqasrawi May 15th
امتداد الاحتلال الاسرائيلي Poem tariqasrawi May 15th
قصة أموال الرئيس عرفات ووسطائه Poem tariqasrawi May 15th
قصة الرئيس الشهيد ياسر عرفات يرويها رياض الصيداوي Poem tariqasrawi May 15th
لقاء صحفي مع الرئيس ياسر عرفات قبل استشهاده Poem tariqasrawi May 15th
Tears in Heaven Poem unrulyspring May 15th
Famous Quote, and a true one Poem unrulyspring May 15th
Perfect, For me Poem _jennita_ May 15th
Sisters Poem _jennita_ May 15th
العالم يحتفل بعيد ميلاده Poem bakri May 16th
Back On Track Poem beautifulpain 2 May 16th
Kicked Outta Class Poem beautifulpain 2 May 16th
Little short poems Poem black_rose180 May 16th
A Girl Poem bob2eygrrl 1 May 16th
Thank You Poem brokenalive May 16th
This Blackened Rose... Poem brokenfairy 2 May 16th
Lifting You Away Poem Megsamoo00 Acceptance May 16th
Kiss of Death (Violent Warning) Poem Megsamoo00 Anger Violent May 16th
Something New Poem cerebral_orgazm 1 May 16th
NANCY GRACE Poem chris Abstract May 16th
*My angel* Poem crimsonangel 1 May 16th
*Suicide* Poem crimsonangel 1 May 16th
*Gone* Poem crimsonangel 1 May 16th
I Swore Off Of Things Like You For A Reason... Poem dasweetyjd May 16th
Dream Poem dasweetyjd May 16th
The Heart-On-The-Sleeve Maneuver Poem dasweetyjd May 16th
Stuck On You Stuck On Him Poem dasweetyjd May 16th
Encouraging Jot Notes Poem deethepoet May 16th
Nothing's Left - ICP - Amazing Jeckel Brothers Poem ers May 16th
Turn in your Sins Poem ers May 16th
Fire Poem ers 1 May 16th
Shut Up - Blink 182 - Take Off your Pants And Jacket Poem ers May 16th
wrong impressions Poem eternity 1 May 16th
So Breathe Poem fighter4life 2 Rejection May 16th
please dont leave Poem jazzy91 May 16th
regret Poem jazzy91 1 May 16th
Untitled -- 5.16.2005 Poem jessy88 May 16th
A Fake House And Fake Friends With Fake Masks And Fake Plans Poem joelcarter_86 1 Anger NonViolent May 16th
Secret Poem laurmordre May 16th
Skimmed Poem mystikal 1 May 16th
* Iianthirayan * Poem poetvg 1 May 16th
* Tiran * Poem poetvg 1 May 16th
For music Poem professor Acceptance May 16th
Why me? Poem rachy 1 Unrequited Love May 16th
In Hope of * Poem raila 2 love May 16th
Its Time * Poem raila 2 Change/Transition May 16th
What shall I say? Poem rania_esmat May 16th
Survey Of Poem rashmiitz May 16th
Ache Inside Poem shellz 1 May 16th
Mighty Day Finale Poem Sivus Depression May 16th
Angry Beast Inside Poem spf May 16th
Preparation Poem spf May 16th
Jellybabies Poem spf May 16th
Talking to the Ceiling Poem strumbles06 1 May 16th
My Least Favorite Muscle Poem strumbles06 May 16th
Missing Out Poem strumbles06 May 16th
Leaving Soon. Poem tekno May 16th
ALL SEASONS Poem teresa_r 4 May 16th
Love is just a chemical Poem thekirby 1 Abstract May 16th
Be Careful Poem unrulyspring May 16th
Children Will Listen Poem unrulyspring May 16th
People Poem unrulyspring May 16th
out of the box Poem wisdomscry Awakening May 16th
Here Again Poem wisdomscry May 16th
Remeber Poem Wolff inspiration May 16th
Her Arms Poem 41tulips May 17th
Closure Poem 41tulips 1 May 17th
Too Soon Poem afakasi 1 death May 17th
!!! لو يمر الوقت صوبي !!! Poem asaihati May 17th
Final Confession Poem BackstageMom May 17th
If It Is Her That You Want Poem BackstageMom May 17th
All In My Mind Poem BackstageMom 2 May 17th
cheers to the lonely ones Poem blissfully_yours May 17th
100 count Poem blissfully_yours May 17th
R.I.P Erik and Desire [explicit] Poem boarster 1 death May 17th
Feed up Poem broken_n_2_girl May 17th
Game Over Poem broken_n_2_girl May 17th
Let it Burn Poem broken_n_2_girl May 17th
Daddy's Little Girl Poem ccasey987 1 Abstract May 17th
SOMEWHERE Poem chris 1 Children May 17th
Good Night Poem Chase May 17th
Jot notes 7 Poem deethepoet May 17th
NO Respect Poem dis_konnected May 17th
She never swallowed Poem dis_konnected 1 May 17th
drinking to get drunk Poem dis_konnected Celebrations May 17th
The Real Me Poem emianne86 May 17th
Communicate Poem jgupta May 17th
Distinguish Poem jgupta May 17th
Sketch Poem jgupta May 17th
Fervour Poem jgupta 1 May 17th
Acquisitive Frau Poem jgupta May 17th
Writhe Poem jgupta May 17th
Optimism Poem jgupta May 17th
Empathy Poem joelcarter_86 1 Dark Love May 17th
BRAVE HEART Poem ladydp2000 History/Past May 17th
I REMEMBER Poem ladydp2000 History/Past May 17th
HEAVEN BOUND Poem ladydp2000 Prayer May 17th
Love to *Him* Poem manic_poetic May 17th
Compassion Vol. 1 Poem Nate love May 17th
For a moment Poem Nate love May 17th
المرآة Poem nawzat Abuse May 17th
Love...Hate...Saddness...Pain... Poem niltak May 17th
Stay Away Poem niltak May 17th
something never to be heard Poem niltak May 17th
be the right person Poem nomes2riches Other May 17th
Is God fair or just? Poem nomes2riches Other May 17th
Prayer Poem nomes2riches 1 Other May 17th
there's healing in being vulnerable Poem nomes2riches Other May 17th
I am Poem poetic7 Human Nature May 17th
Love in white and black Poem poetic7 Race, relationships, stereotypes May 17th
I'm Sorry Poem rawr_fearme 1 Missing You May 17th
Utopia, or What's Left of It Poem Sivus Acceptance May 17th
Utopia, or the Ashes that Once Composed It Poem Sivus Acceptance May 17th
Demands Poem spf May 17th
Taking The Fall Poem spf May 17th
الأديب الشهيد غسان كنفاني Poem tariqasrawi May 17th
انتر نيت Poem ثناءدرويش 6 May 17th
Will You Know Christ as Lord? Poem trumpet7 inspiration May 17th
The Music of Love Poem unrulyspring 1 May 17th
Silver plated Poem Letty467 1 Lust May 17th
Love Poem Letty467 love May 17th
Unchangable Poem black_rose180 Awakening May 18th
Why - tell me Why? Poem blumentopf May 18th
Love's Double-edged Sword Double Nonet Poem blumentopf 1 May 18th
Tears Poem brokenangel17 2 May 18th
Smile... When He Turns His Back Poem brokenfairy 1 May 18th
Felt So Good Poem brokenfairy May 18th
Together Poem brokenfairy 1 May 18th
Syrupy Sweet Poem brokenhope33 Short Story May 18th
Enemy Poem ccasey987 1 Anger NonViolent May 18th
Wrong and Right Poem ccasey987 1 Poetry/Writing May 18th
In Love Poem ccasey987 youth May 18th
Lost Poem ccasey987 Hope May 18th
Only in a dream........ Poem ccasey987 1 dreams May 18th
Farewell My Guardian Angel Poem Megsamoo00 1 Angels May 18th
Rainbow Colored Rubberbands Poem cherry_blossom May 18th
DAY BY DAY Poem chris 1 Spirituality May 18th
Through it all Poem cutegurl1316 May 18th
Sometimes 5-17 Poem dancewmoonlight 1 May 18th
My Tears Subside Poem deadpoet986 May 18th
Morbid Moribund Poem deadpoet986 May 18th
Bloody Rose Poem deadpoet986 May 18th
Untitled -- 5.17.2005 Poem deethepoet May 18th
Remembering You Poem deethepoet May 18th
Ultimate Proof (to ultimate improv) Poem enolalily 2 May 18th
Should I Poem kesiahg 2 love May 18th
Mind of a Psycho Poem kimbee 1 May 18th
Pills for the sick girl Poem lostandbroken May 18th
Pills and a broken heart Poem lostandbroken May 18th
Girl whose just interrupted Poem lostandbroken May 18th
And sadly..the end Poem lostandbroken May 18th
"My friend!" Poem Nediot May 18th
"love is~" Poem Nediot 2 May 18th
"Rolling Melody" Poem Nediot May 18th
All I See is Red Poem maybethistime Dark Love May 18th
How come? Poem Nate Pain/Sorrow May 18th
Believed Poem niltak 1 May 18th
Savior Poem nomes2riches Faith May 18th
Compromise Poem nomes2riches Spirituality May 18th
Unaware Poem nomes2riches Sin May 18th
Dysfunctional Poem nomes2riches 2 May 18th
Love is... Poem nomes2riches 1 love May 18th
Things I love... Poem nomes2riches Other May 18th
Two Worlds Poem nomes2riches 3 Acceptance May 18th
Silhouette Poem nomes2riches 1 May 18th
Her close call Poem ozzypoemgirl Danger May 18th
My Best Friend is Feeling Old Poem pamschwetz 2 May 18th
Polipics Poem poetic7 Political May 18th
* I Am Free As A * Poem poetvg 1 May 18th
* Fragile * Poem poetvg May 18th
- Unmasked - Poem qt_poet 1 Being Loved May 18th
The Essence and Elements of Life Poem redorb Being Loved May 18th
Do It For Me He Says Poem spf May 18th
I'll Be Good I Promise Poem spf May 18th
Happily After Ever Poem spf 1 May 18th
prey Poem stately_lover 1 May 18th
To Laura (2) Poem tekno May 18th
Finish The Race Poem trumpet7 inspiration May 18th
اللى بنى مصر Poem t_almamlouk May 18th
مشاعر دفينة Poem t_almamlouk May 18th
Today Poem uninvited_1 Song Lyrics May 18th
Infected Poem uninvited_1 1 Song Lyrics May 18th
Plate of Lies Poem uninvited_1 Song Lyrics May 18th
For You Poem uninvited_1 2 Song Lyrics May 18th
Another Day Poem uninvited_1 1 Song Lyrics May 18th
Evaporate Poem uninvited_1 1 Song Lyrics May 18th
Empty Handed Poem uninvited_1 1 Song Lyrics May 18th
Break Away Poem uninvited_1 Song Lyrics May 18th
Like You Poem uninvited_1 Song Lyrics May 18th
Shadows Poem wisdomscry Acceptance May 18th
Tearing Poem wisdomscry May 18th
This Post Poem wisdomscry May 18th
Emptiness Poem wisdomscry 1 May 18th
Is there Hope? Poem _jennita_ May 18th
Show of Life Poem _jennita_ 1 May 18th
Taking a Drag Poem _jennita_ 1 May 18th
Fix Poem _jennita_ May 18th
Stumbling, So graceful Poem _jennita_ 1 May 18th
infinity plus two - Jamie Poem _jennita_ 1 May 18th
No matter Poem amanda_1590 1 Breaking Up May 19th
Indicision Poem asherivers 1 May 19th
Sheltered Sleep Poem asherivers May 19th
My Turn To Rant Poem BackstageMom May 19th
no more sunless tan Poem blissfully_yours May 19th
True Love Poem bob2eygrrl 1 May 19th
Happiness Poem ccasey987 Happiness May 19th
In memory Poem ccasey987 1 In Memory May 19th
You are my Sunshine Poem ccasey987 love May 19th
Hello Poem ccasey987 Happiness May 19th
Here I Am Poem ccasey987 May 19th
Mom Poem ccasey987 1 love May 19th
*Returned To Me* Poem crimsonangel May 19th
*Have You Forgotten?* Poem crimsonangel May 19th
Misery Loves Company Poem dbora32 May 19th
From Afar Poem draca May 19th
I'm Sorry Poem draca May 19th
I was crying Poem fighter4life 3 love May 19th
As The Table Revolves… Poem jagrspeed 1 Spirituality May 19th
Oldies Poem jgupta May 19th
'05 Coke Bottle Poem Joel 1 May 19th
At The End Of The Day Poem joelcarter_86 1 Hidden Love May 19th
Named by Me Poem lostandbroken May 19th
A single tear Poem lostandbroken May 19th
Scared of life Poem lostandbroken May 19th
Alcoholic whose tempted to drink Poem lostandbroken May 19th
Is this pressure? Poem lostandbroken May 19th
"captured!" Poem Nediot 1 May 19th
"Because of YOU!" Poem Nediot 1 May 19th
"A dark night!" Poem Nediot 1 May 19th
My Moment of Pure Poem master_of_shred 2 May 19th
The world isnt right to her.... Poem niltak May 19th
sing her to sleep Poem nomes2riches 1 Suicide May 19th
Hey Diddle Diddle! Poem ozzypoemgirl Comedy/Humor May 19th
I'M SORRY Poem rachela May 19th
Alone Poem stately_lover 1 May 19th
Fake Poem stately_lover May 19th
strange feeling Poem stately_lover 1 May 19th
An Angel By My Side Poem stately_lover 1 May 19th
My Dark Nights Poem stately_lover May 19th
Close to me Poem Mrs_Setliff May 19th
Lessons Learned Poem Mrs_Setliff May 19th
my thunder above the chatter Poem thekirby 1 Abstract May 19th
He Is Jesus Christ Poem trumpet7 inspiration May 19th
Fresh start Poem clutchforbalance Change/Transition May 19th
Wither Poem uninvited_1 Song Lyrics May 19th
Would You Poem uninvited_1 3 Song Lyrics May 19th
Look What You've Done Poem uninvited_1 Song Lyrics May 19th