Knifes, sicken my skin,

sadness clings to anger,

leave me destroyed,

and bless me broken.


Yet, when tears retreat,

I'll stretch behind,

inflict pain to lessen,

lay in expectation.


Empathy surrounds me,

claims of innocence,

justified by allies,

thought to be mine.


Guilt drives apology,

thankful for betrayal,

laughter, like kinder times,

in turn, I'll turn around.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thanks for reading.

Sea of sickness

For If I like you,

then I am in love with you,

complications will arise,

but I will wash them down,

with a dose of ignorance,

thus forms uncertainity,

within my growling stomach,

darkness drifts to contempt,

until it all becomes too much,

and emotions turns to liquid,

racing to my expressor,

truth buries my feet,

in a sea of sickness.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Silly poem about stubborness, enjoy, ( I know its rushed and not very good)

Crooked Trees



I used to stand straight,
Firm and strong,
My limbs protected,


Until the wind came,
At first I stood tough,
But persist it did,
And I began to bend,
And bend,
And bend…


Now I stand crooked,
Waiting to snap.

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Could you just explain,

your surfacing emotions,

before they hide beneath.

a patch of pride,

each hazardous guess,

paints me critically,

black with blue intent,

shades of hatred,

flair in your silence,

inflicting further torture,

upon shameful desperation.


However, from time to time,

priorites tend to aling,

expressions of layers,

like a splash of water,

to an exhausted brush,

bravery is performed,

with hurtful honesty,

trust deepens affection,

and ever so briefly,

we fly in perfect harmony.


Silly me, I'll never learn.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about how feelings range and confuse, repeatedly. Enjoy.



I tried to change

I tried to gain your approval

Tried to bring back the smile you had when we first met

and the fire that kept us alive for hours in dark heavens

I tried to turn back time and find my purity

Bowed down and prayed to the Divine

Burned my Nietzsche books

and turned to your Ignatian rules

Climbed the thousand steps of El Salvador

on my knees

Lit two candles in San Pedro Church

and prayed

Abstained myself from Rand and Marx

Silenced the waves of the seas

inside my soul,

the loud beating of my dying heart,

the whispers of the cold wind

Dressed black on Friday nights

Slapped my cheeks with verses

of my sins

Recited the rites of holiness 

to conjure your love

Dried up my eyes from hellish cries...

I swallowed you

Your blood, flesh, and tears

Like a sacrament, I welcomed it all —

even the dark clouds that moved 

around you

Didn't I hear the heavens and saw

the angels in you?

Still, my demons are here to stay and say,

Why am I still not enough for you?

How can be enough for you?



I can't figure out,

My emotions are a mess.

Laugh, cry, scream or die?

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I was but a faithless faithful married to my odes

A paradox of love and hate

A chainless slave of death

The master of a destiny roaming down lonesome roads


You came one day and I knew what to expect

Dark-red roses and a month for my heart to wreck

Like many of my poems, this love too will come to dust

In the comfort of the night, this bond will start to rust


But your light is stronger than my pessimism

Like a blanket in a stormy night, you envelope me

The touch and warmth of your skin tells me to believe again

In the vision of a tomorrow where I’ll never be alone again


With your lips, I remember my youth and hopes and dreams

With your hands, you take me back before I began to fear

With your tongue, you breathe life to my long-lost faith in heaven

With your eyes, I begin to hope and love again


And so then I took down my Berlin Wall,

Forgetting my sorrow and fear to fall

The Cold War is now over and the Sun has come

Here comes the Summer I've waited years to come


A puzzle I want to unravel,

You upped my curiosity

You bring more questions than answers

Testing my long-held tenacity


Years of reasons have finally abandoned my sanity

What is left is your voice and the visions of our promises

Gone are the days I preferred Rand and Hegel than your predictable daily updates

I now only crave for your fucked-up emojis and monotonous 'Hi's' and 'Hey's'


Wreathe me with your holy Marian poetry

As I undress my Peregrine peculiarity

Cast away the bedlam of the world

And cover me with your celestial words


If this love is a game of dark and light

Take me to Bethlehem where the stars breathe life

I'll lead you to my deepest sorrow

Off to Gethsemane our hearts shall go



Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first poem in 3 years!!!

Please do read. This is about the beginning of the romance I am with right now. 

Please do comment and provide reviews. THANK YOU.

Fact in Fiction

Verse 1:
If we all believe in an utopia

That lasts forever,

We wouldn't try so hard to die,

Satisfation: so lose, yet so far


Erase and rewrite these stories of mine:
I"ll change the ending 'cause you're my soulmate

I cannot bear to watch you walk away.
Walk away with my love, hope, and dreams.


Verse 2:
Fact in fiction: There is no ending to our story

Until the day I die, I'll die with honor.

Whenever we're together, babe
You make the seasons start to change.


Whenever w're lost in paradise together,

I would ask you for a chance to make our love better

If only you could see how much I love you.

Things wouldn't have ended the way it did.


All the songs I've written seemed like my story.

So, I sang them to death.]

Someday, you'll calll and congratulate me.

I'll prepare a good thank you and Good Bye message

For you: In time, I'll promise you that much. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on the song: "Singing Got Better" by Ailee. English Subtitles up on YouTube.



I sit there all night

blind of the pain and fright 

tis all for naught since they call me a child


I laugh since i watch them die,  all the while

I sit and make line after line 

Hearing the voices sending shivers down my spine


I take the knife and cringe at the voices

Deeper , longer, deeper, longer

more, more, more is all the voices whisper



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