In the dreary day
In the dreary night
I, a wingless fae,
Weep in life’s dull light
Dream of lands forlorn
Chained in thorns I mourn

Called Home




If I should, by chance, be called home today, 

Please do not mourn my memory.

Find peace within the gentle way

The breeze makes waves upon the sea.

Breathe in the beauty of the sky, 

And share the joy within your heart.

Please do not mourn and do not cry, 

If suddenly I should depart.


If, by chance, I am called home, 

Please do not, in sadness, mull

Where hearts in melancholy roam.

But rather, let your days be full

Of those treasures one cannot replace

Such as family, friends, home, and heart, 

Of life and love, and natures grace, 

If suddenly I should depart.




Copyright © MMX Richard D. Remler

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Death is not the greatest loss in life.

The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live."

~Norman Cousins




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It fills my ears and mind,

It's like a blanket for my feelings.

Flowing through my tortured thoughts,

Making them seem a little less noticeable.

It dulls my overactive mind,

It makes me less aware of the travesties which haunt me.

Through the melodic noises it's hard to think strait.

This is why I listen,

Because it's a tranquilizer for my mind.


Who am I kidding,

I knew who you were from the beginning,

Tell me how to feel about you now,

Now, that you're not with him,

Now, that you're still where I left you,

Back at home base,

Back where you told me you needed space,

Back where you told me to moan your name while I looked you in the face,

Tell me how you feel without me now,

Now, that you realize Im no longer around,

Now, tell me, tell me,

How do I think about you without suffocating,

Tell me how do I think about you without masturbating,

Tell me how do I talk to you and still relate,

Tell me how do I give you space,

I told you I hated you,

But all I wanted was your arms around me,

And now that im skating backwards,

Its getting slippery,

Im falling, wishing you'd come and get me...

Tell me how to feel you about you NOW!

Do I suffocate and let go?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thanks Paramore


Rey Teca

I grew drier each moment,
Marooned with hunger,
Starved but weary with emptiness,
Wiped from reality,
Broken like a wimp,
Crumple where feet fails,
Stood rooted in absence of lives.

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Knifes, sicken my skin,

sadness clings to anger,

leave me destroyed,

and bless me broken.


Yet, when tears retreat,

I'll stretch behind,

inflict pain to lessen,

lay in expectation.


Empathy surrounds me,

claims of innocence,

justified by allies,

thought to be mine.


Guilt drives apology,

thankful for betrayal,

laughter, like kinder times,

in turn, I'll turn around.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thanks for reading.

Sea of sickness

For If I like you,

then I am in love with you,

complications will arise,

but I will wash them down,

with a dose of ignorance,

thus forms uncertainity,

within my growling stomach,

darkness drifts to contempt,

until it all becomes too much,

and emotions turns to liquid,

racing to my expressor,

truth buries my feet,

in a sea of sickness.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Silly poem about stubborness, enjoy, ( I know its rushed and not very good)

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Crooked Trees



I used to stand straight,
Firm and strong,
My limbs protected,


Until the wind came,
At first I stood tough,
But persist it did,
And I began to bend,
And bend,
And bend…


Now I stand crooked,
Waiting to snap.

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Could you just explain,

your surfacing emotions,

before they hide beneath.

a patch of pride,

each hazardous guess,

paints me critically,

black with blue intent,

shades of hatred,

flair in your silence,

inflicting further torture,

upon shameful desperation.


However, from time to time,

priorites tend to aling,

expressions of layers,

like a splash of water,

to an exhausted brush,

bravery is performed,

with hurtful honesty,

trust deepens affection,

and ever so briefly,

we fly in perfect harmony.


Silly me, I'll never learn.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about how feelings range and confuse, repeatedly. Enjoy.