Happy Pre-Christmas 2017

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        • This is an invitation
        • inspired by Stephen, to write
        • a Christmas poem, and inspired
        • by allets to publish it
        • on December 24th, 2017.
        • Old work acceptable as a repost,
        • but something unique to 2017
        • would be nice. The feelings at Christmas are just special for Christians.
        • Non-Christians are welcome
        • to join us. I don't know
        • if the post-poem poets 
        • want to do this. It's something
        • to do together.
        • Why I hate Christmas poems
        • are also welcome, why I don't
        • believe Christmas should be a holiday (oh that's good!) or any creative approach to the holiday. St. Nick to St. Mary, mistle toe to sleigh bells - or just a poem of snow and dashing through it to get to work. I've got a lot of time so
        • expect a long read. Whatever floats
        • your imagination at Christmas. 
        • "I will start yours immediately",
        • Stephen said for mine. I will reply
        • with one for him. Would love
        • a few angels and a few
        • halo poems. Any theme will do.
        • Christmas trees are historical
        • and favorite toy when young, works.
        • Short - two word poem to a tome of 15 pages, or anywhere in between, 
        • your choice.
        • Let me know in a comment
        • to this invitation
        • if you wanna do a Christmas
        • poem for 2017.
        • It'll be fun.
        • Well, fun and something to do
        • together as PostPoem pomies
        • Merry Pre-Christmas!!
        • :D ~allets~
        • REMEMBER
        • Do Not Publish Until 12-24-17 Okay?
        • (I will send a reminder
        • in case you wanna do one
        • but your life
        • is so busy, you forget.)
        • HO!   HO!   HO!

    • Allets, 10-19-17 @ 806p




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Five Takers So Far

This is going to be fun. Thanks for responding, and yes, On or around the 20th of December - I'll send out a reminder to each responder. Thanks so much! - Stella


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I'll get in on this action

I'll get in on this action too. You might need to send me a reminder closer to the time

Only a mediocre writer is always at his best.

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i will try to remember 

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Yeah I have two. Ones a

Yeah I have two. Ones a repost and one is a poem I had read out at a christmas concert a couple of winters ago. Hope others join in. xP